5 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Build Your Brand’s Online Presence

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Mar14An online presence is essential in order to reach and engage with your customers.  If you aren’t using web tools to make sure you are reaching your ideal audience, you may be losing out on excellent opportunities to convert potential customers into loyal ones.  As you strive to build a strong online presence for your business, ask yourself these five questions:

Where (if at all)

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Call Center Optimization: 4 Metrics to Measure

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Contact Center TipsBecause customers are now, more than ever, empowered when making a purchase decision, businesses and contact centers are looking for ways to address their changing needs. When it comes to call center success, it’s all about meeting the need of clients, customers and callers. In a 2013 study, Aberdeen Group surveyed businesses regarding their contact center workforce management (WFM) activities. Because many businesses understand the … Read More

3 Ways the Cloud can Improve Customer Support

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Cloud Customer SupportProviding quality customer support is essential to creating and maintaining customer loyalty. The days of impersonal customer care calls are over; technology now allows business to provide all kinds of instant support.

Using customer support software that operates in the cloud, or on a hosted online server, can help you improve your connection with your customers and be more readily available to answer all of … Read More

Social Customer Service on the Rise: Are You Taking Advantage?

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social customer serviceSocial media has changed a lot in a very short amount of time.  Customer service via social media channels was once an afterthought, but recently has soared to new levels.

Mashable tells us that more than half of customers already head to Facebook and Twitter for social customer service, and that by the end of 2013, 80% of businesses will use social networks for customer … Read More

10 Surprising Stats About Great Customer Experience

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customers experienceWhether you provide most of your customer service through email, social media, call centers, or your in-house call agents, your main goal is to provide customers with the best possible experience.

With customer experience gaining in importance each day, your company risks losing the most loyal of brand advocates if you don’t focus on what you can to improve their experience. Consider what your customers … Read More

Choosing A VOIP Call Center for Better Customer Support

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voip call centerIf your business has a high volume of incoming callers and your employees frequently miss or drop calls, a VoIP call center may be the solution to your call traffic woes.

Business VoIP call centers can greatly improve your business’s customer service with calling features such as dial-by-directory, call queues, and auto attendants that will help your employees better manage inbound and outbound calls.

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Holiday Customer Support: Your Call Center

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holiday customer careThe holidays can be a very profitable time for businesses, but it can also be a very stressful one for both your business and its customers. Call centers are the main method of contact between you and your customer and are essential for improving and maintaining positive client relationship.

Because customers often have more questions about products and services during the holiday season, make sure … Read More

4 Ways to Prepare For Holiday Customer Support

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customer supportThe holidays are coming. While it’s a joyous time for most of us, it’s also the busiest time for online stores, which are expecting the biggest shopping season of the year.

If you run an online or bricks and mortar store make you want to be sure that you’re preparing your customer support for a potential flurry of extra shoppers.

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How It All Began: A Brief Customer Service History Lesson

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customer service historyThere are many theories about how the world began. One school of thought believes that it was the “Big Bang Theory.”  Biblical teaching, meanwhile, gives credit to God. And then there are others who likewise formed their own interpretation of this often-told story.

Fortunately, the beginnings of customer service are not as controversial as that of our planet’s own story. However, if you think that … Read More