What is an ACH Bank Transfer, and Other Common Small Business Commerce Questions

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What is an ACH Bank Transfer, and Other Common Small Business Commerce QuestionsACH. Payment gateway. Chargeback.

If you’re new to accepting credit cards for your business, or on the cusp of deciding to do so, you might feel overwhelmed by these foreign terminologies. You probably want answers to questions so you can accept credit cards confidently, without any surprises by unrecognized fees on your monthly statement.

So let’s look at some of the questions you may have … Read More

How Does Your Payroll Service Handle Contractors?

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payroll servicesA few years ago the Government Accounting Office estimated one-third of U.S. workers were self-employed. However, that number is even larger now, considering the number of recent college graduates, the amount of people who’ve been laid off and those who are picking up short-term gigs while looking for full-time employment.

Chances are, if you own a small business, you might be tapping into this … Read More

Are You Getting the Most Value From Your Accountant?

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financial business adviceWhile speaking with your accountant may not be the most exciting part of running your small business, it can be one of the most useful. You just have to know how to get what you need from those conversations. In the days of automated tax software, the role of the accountant has expanded to more than just a robotic figure plugging numbers into forms. Take … Read More

7 Resources for Understanding Small Business Payroll

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payroll resourcesCalculating payroll expenses as a small business owner can be a headache, but if you don’t do it with your full attention you could be at an even greater risk for error. Luckily, with small businesses popping up left and right, there are more resources available than ever to help you figure out your payroll duties.

Here are 7 valuable resources that you may not … Read More

Tax Season Tips: Resolve to Make It Easier Next Year

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business taxesNow that it’s January, most of us are relieved that the year-end inventory count is over and we’re resolving to make the process less stressful next year.

This is all well and good, but a New Year’s Resolution about taxes might not be as clear cut as heading back to the gym. Here are three steps to starting off on the right foot to make … Read More

Small Business Bankruptcy and Personal Debts

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bankruptcyNo matter the state of the economy, starting a new small business is difficult. If you’ve invested in a small business and it fails, recovering can be difficult. Whether your basic accounting wasn’t enough to manage the finances or you simply couldn’t turn a profit, bankruptcy might be on the table for consideration. Some business owners decide to turn to filing bankruptcy when their small … Read More

Payroll Services: How Much Should You Outsource?

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payroll servicesAs a small business owner, particularly when you’re just starting out, you’re often forced (or feel obligated) to play many roles within your company: Business strategist, product developer, human resources and payroll manager, accountant, salesman, marketer, etc.. – the list goes on and on. But you do have the option of outsourcing some of these responsibilities. Handing off your payroll services in particular could lift … Read More

Bringing the Mobile Payment World to Your Doorstep

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As the world of technology continues to grow at leaps and bounds, mobile payments for consumers could be the norm before too far down the road.

A recent study from KPMG International notes that 83 percent of some 1,000 executives in differing fields (tech to retail) think mobile payments will be the mainstream before the end of 2014. Of those surveyed, 46 percent thought paying … Read More

Is Recovery in the Cards for Many Small Businesses?

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It isn’t rocket science that small businesses make America’s financial engine run. Anyone who thinks otherwise is advised to go back to school and take a Basics of Business 101 class.

Given the financial downturn, the nation has grappled with the last few years, many small businesses were forced to lay off employees, fight for survival and in some cases close their doors.

Now, however, … Read More

Your Business is Not Saving Money Where it Should in 2011

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Bag-of-moneyThere’s been a lot of small business tax jargon being thrown around lately. Some are uber confusing, but if you are a business owner, or plan to be, these new tax laws and credit deductions are worth some extra effort to understand.

As a small business owner, it seems like every incentive and program in the recent years has been designed for large corporations. Quite … Read More