How to Be Objective when Interviewing Introverts

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hiring introvertsThe interview process has many flaws. It requires candidates to come in and put on a show, and for those candidates that aren’t adept at putting on a performance and bragging about themselves, it can be especially difficult to live up to these expectations. Rather than seeing candidates like this as unmotivated or inherently flawed, hiring managers need to recognize that this is actually an … Read More

5 Ways to Make HR Management Easier

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If you’re a hiring manager or human resources professional, you can benefit from some of the best practices in this broad-spectrum industry. Here are some of the best tips coming from experts and experienced HR people for today’s job world.



Evaluate Human Resources Technology Carefully

Sometimes, firms can go a long way relying on fancy new tools for human resources management. The emergence … Read More

3 Tools & Apps Every HR Manager Should Have

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3 tools and apps every hr manager should haveWith today’s explosion of technology, HR managers have returned to the drawing board in regards to changing the way they go about recruiting potential employees, applications being filled out, the new hire processes, and the link between employees and the organization’s management.HR strategies have needed to change, and along with it a completely different shift in the way of doing business. Here are 3 … Read More

Can Companies Be Too Invested in the Present? How to Plan the Future of Your Employees

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can companies be too invested in the present?In order to build a company that can last the test of time, you need to have a knowledge of how to survive the present, and the foresight to predict what will happen in the future of the market. If you want to build a sustainable company, the future should play a large role in the way that you run your company. With many companies … Read More

From Self-Employment to Employment: 6 Ways to Boost Your Work Experience

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ways to boost work experience during a job interview after being self-employedIt may surprise you to learn that employers view job applicants with a history of self-employment or business ownership negatively. They question the applicant’s willingness to take direction and to act as part of a team instead of independently. If you’re self-employed or a business owner and want to re-enter the job market, following these tips should help you present yourself as a practical … Read More

The Three R’s of Small Business HR Management

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small business hr managementThe term “headache-inducing” is often methodically paired with descriptions of human resource management in article posts and how-to guides across HR advisory websites. This pessimistic metaphor seems to be even more amplified when speaking to small business human resource management, as HR leaders are often juggling an overabundant mess of rules, regulations, and detailed paperwork to remain compliant on a daily basis. How is one … Read More

How to Tackle HR’s Biggest Concern: Employee Retention

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new hires and employee retentionThe factors determining success for a small business are plenty and diverse, but perhaps none is more impactful than having a solid foundation of happy employees. At least that’s what human resources professionals identified as their biggest concern in a recent survey.

Research conducted by SilkRoad, a global talent management firm, found that 48 percent of respondents were most concerned with engaging and retaining employees … Read More

Turbocharging Employee Engagement: It’s More Than Just Tenure

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employee recognitionEveryone likes to know that what they do is appreciated. Parents learn early on what an impact their sincere praise can have on children. Yet, even as children grow into adults and enter the workforce, that desire for recognition remains. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many companies that really recognize their employees as often or in the ways that they should. This is a real shame, … Read More

Caution! Social Media Recruiting Isn’t Fool Proof

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Using Facebook as a background screening resource requires tact.Is the end of the resume as we know it drawing near? Jerome Ternynck, founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters, explained in the “2013 Recruiting Technology Trends” conducted by, that social media profiles will take over as more accurate channels to learn about an applicant. There’s less scanning of paper documents to glean pertinent information and more clicking on links to find the appropriate content … Read More

How Does Your Payroll Service Handle Contractors?

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payroll servicesA few years ago the Government Accounting Office estimated one-third of U.S. workers were self-employed. However, that number is even larger now, considering the number of recent college graduates, the amount of people who’ve been laid off and those who are picking up short-term gigs while looking for full-time employment.

Chances are, if you own a small business, you might be tapping into this … Read More