Breaking Down Your Business to Its Entity

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LLC S Corp or C CorpStarting a business isn’t easy. It takes a strong product, great customer service and marketing, and perseverance. Part of starting a business is paying close attention the financial side of things. Choosing the right type of business entity is a crucial initial step for new business owners and startup founders. Selecting the right legal entity can make all the difference in liabilities, risks and profit … Read More

The Places Where 5 Big-Name Entrepreneurs Got Their Start

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Entrepreneurialism is characterized by an ability to find a way to flourish regardless of the setting or circumstances one finds oneself in. It is this individualism and spirit of resourcefulness that make the entrepreneur such an import icon in American economics, and world economics as well. So it is no surprise to find that the places where some of today’s biggest companies got started are … Read More

Are You Protected as a Corporate Officer

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n a recent case, California’s Appellate Court used the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine (“RCOD”) to hold officers personally liable for $2.5 million in environmental penalties. In People v. Roscoe (Cal. Ct. App. 2008, WL 5378254) the court held the corporate officers personally liable, without piercing the corporate veil, for civil violations.

This is a significant departure. The RCOD has been used before in California to Read More

Think Twice Before Dissolving

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n times of uncertainty many owners of corporations and LLCs may consider folding up their operations. CPAs and other advisors may suggest dissolving these entities to save on fees and to be done with it all.

But hold on: The “easy” route of dissolution can have significant negative consequences.

In California, for example, shareholders can be held personally liable for corporate obligations arising before or … Read More

Possible Nevada State Tax

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Happy New Year to everyone. Even though it is going to be a pretty tough year for many people in our country and around the world, we can still all hope for the best. We are all in it together. That said, as a Nevada resident, I need to let you in on what is happening in our state. As you might imagine, people are Read More

How to start a Business in One Month

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Many people have great ideas or amazing skills, but are intimidated mightily by the idea of starting their own business.  But starting a business is easier than you might think.  In fact, with the right information and motivation, you can start a business in one month.  Think that’s crazy?   The steps below show you how to make it happen!

Step #1:  Come up with a Read More