Use the Hash: Modern Database Hash Processes

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database hash processesWe’ve already heard about a lot of the big security breaches that have made customers of retailers and other businesses very insecure about their personal data. Hackers routinely get hold of digital information that reveals credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and other crucial identifiers, as well as other sensitive customer information.

Because the stakes are so high, and because data theft can cause such … Read More

Could Your VoIP System, Network Printers Be Hacked?

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With it’s low cost and seemingly endless array of features, there’s a lot to love about VoIP Phone Systems.

But one aspect of this exploding technology continues to be a major concern for business owners: Security.

Since it’s inception, internet telephony has been vulnerable to hackers, disgruntled employees and others who wish to gather information or create network disruptions. And while file encryption, firewalls … Read More

Small Business Web Hosting Pitfalls

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Choosing a host for your small business website, at first may not seem like a big decision. However, there are crucial things to take into consideration when dealing with Internet Service Providers. Mistakes can be made everywhere in your company but making a mistake when choosing a web host provider can potentially be fatal. In a 2006 Akami survey, 75% of people would not return … Read More