Visual Storytelling: Make Your Marketing Strategy Standout

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ID-100184248The human brain processes images around 60,000 times faster than words (Tweet This!). Your brain works with sound and image, but never words. In today’s high paced advertising world, you want to maximize the amount you communicate to the skimming eye in the most memorable and eye catching form: images. Here are some brands that know how to tell a story visually and what … Read More

5 Ways to Streamline Your Email Campaigns for Mobile

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5 Ways to Streamline Your Email Campaigns for MobileHave you seen the latest email research? According to Litmus, 43% of emails are now opened on a mobile device such as a smart-phone or tablet (Tweet This). Some companies report an even higher mobile base, with up to 50 percent and even 65 percent of emails being opened on the go. What’s more, according to Litmus, only 3 percent of readers review a … Read More

One Trend No Small Business Can Afford to Ignore

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One Trends that Small Businesses Can't Afford to Ignore- the Mobile DeviceTrends come and go. Some stick, but most fade faster than you can say VHS. That said, there is one trend of such magnitude that no small business can afford to ignore. The impact of mobile is transforming not only how companies market their products and services, but it’s also changing workplace culture as we know it.

First, what does the data tell us? According … Read More

5 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Build Your Brand’s Online Presence

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Mar14An online presence is essential in order to reach and engage with your customers.  If you aren’t using web tools to make sure you are reaching your ideal audience, you may be losing out on excellent opportunities to convert potential customers into loyal ones.  As you strive to build a strong online presence for your business, ask yourself these five questions:

Where (if at all)

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4 Steps to Turning Your Business Blog Around

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blogging tipsHave you hit a wall in your business blogging?  Does it seem like your readers are no longer interested?  It’s ok to admit that your blogging efforts have become a bit stale; just as in life- in blogging there is always room for improvements.  Read on to discover 4 creative yet simple ways to turn your business blogging around, wake up your readers and even … Read More

How to Add Social Share Buttons to Your Site

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ID-10077777Small businesses, as well as larger companies, ignore social media at their peril. No matter what kind of enterprise you’re running, you are likely to benefit from getting onto some of the most popular social media sites that millions of us are using to keep in touch, share ideas and to research or purchase products.

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With that in mind, … Read More

The Pros & Cons of Google+ for Small Businesses

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Feb14_Post 1For big brands, Google+ is a good investment – but is it efficient for small businesses?  With 300 million monthly active users, Google+ users extend beyond just technology gurus and marketers, to brands building their own Google+ empires. If you’re wondering how to successfully run your small business, Google+ may be one of the keys.  It’s beneficial for businesses that are on a continual … Read More

How Entrepreneur Tej Kohli Plans to Transform the E-Commerce World

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How Entrepreneur Tej Kohli Plans to Transform the E-Commerce WorldKnown around the world for his philanthropy, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit, Tej Kohli is a Renaissance man for the post-modern era. With his hand in real estate, technology, and online shopping, Kohli uses venture capital to invest in products, processes, and places where he sees the potential for tremendous growth. Continue reading to discover the plans Tej Kohli has to bring dramatic change to … Read More

Investing in your Online Presence: The Importance of Establishing a Digital Storefront

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small businesses must establish an online presence in today's marketplaceIn the online-based economy we live in today, consumers can no longer follow the yellow page road to your business. Traditional methods of print advertising and other low cost methods of advertising that worked in the past are now secondary measures at best. Even the industry magazines are moving to online media and hiking up their ad-placement rates. While the old ways still have their … Read More

Google Analytics: The Right-Hand Man to the Modern Small Business Owner

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Google analytics is the best free tool for small businessesAccording to Merriam-Webster, a “right hand man” is defined as “a valuable assistant upon whom one is accustomed to rely on”.  History has its famed sidekicks: the reliable Robin to the hero Batman, the loyal Goose to Pete “Mavericks” Mitchell, and corky Dwight Schrute to the passionate Micheal Scott. You get the idea. In each case, these prominent figures relied on their devoted right-hand sidekick … Read More