Given Sale of MySpace, Can Businesses Learn from Mistakes?

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Many companies come and go without even a whimper.

Others, however, learn from their mistakes and the errors of others, making adjustments to their businesses in order to survive and fight for each and every dollar in a tough economy.

Given the news Thursday that entertainer Justin Timberlake was part of a group (Specific Media) that purchased MySpace for a mere $35 million (News Corp. … Read More

3 Things You May Not Be Doing to Grow Your Business

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When entrepreneurs think about growing their business, often the first thing they think of is advertising – 30- and 60- second commercials, half- or full-page ads, bulletins or posters, banners or buttons – the list goes on and on (Full disclosure: I worked in advertising for 13 years before launching my coaching career).

I often wonder why entrepreneurs make that leap directly to advertising. They … Read More

Public Relations: The “Truth or Dare” Scare

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“Truth or Dare?

Remember the kid’s game “Truth or Dare?” You’re asked to either answer a question (with the truth of course) or be summoned to a yet-to-be-named perilous activity known as the dare. Of course, there’s risk of complete and total humiliation either way…the truth could reveal something utterly embarrassing and a dare could grant you the opportunity to completely mortify yourself. But choose … Read More

Keep Your Clients Close to You

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by Duncan MacPherson, co-author of “Breakthrough Business Development: A 90 Day Plan to Build Your Client Base And Take Your Business To The Next Level” and co-founder of Pareto Platform

With the economy in a somewhat slow mode, it becomes increasingly important to take good care of the business you already have. We all realize our competitors are doing what they can to Read More