4 Steps to Turning Your Business Blog Around

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blogging tipsHave you hit a wall in your business blogging?  Does it seem like your readers are no longer interested?  It’s ok to admit that your blogging efforts have become a bit stale; just as in life- in blogging there is always room for improvements.  Read on to discover 4 creative yet simple ways to turn your business blogging around, wake up your readers and even … Read More

Are You Really Out of Link Building Opportunities?

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SEO External Link TipsSo many site owners struggle to come up with link building opportunities, especially after they have been at it for a few years. But, could you ever really run out of link building opportunities completely? In a recent interview, Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media said;

I say take on some of the responsibility of marketing your own site and open your mind to new Read More

Marketing Fun Friday: 4 Steps to a Content Plan You Can be Proud Of

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content planIt seems like all you hear in the marketing world is content, content, content. And for a very good reason.

Ragan.com reported, “90% of consumers find custom content useful, and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.”

Quality content on your website, blog, and social profiles not only increases your page rankings, but also effectively attracts … Read More

Expert Advice on Perfecting Your Internet Marketing

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We know you’re a smart, savvy business owner (you’re reading this post, after all), so we know you’ve written a thoughtful business plan that you revisit periodically.

We also know that you have an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-find website, where customers can find and buy what they’re looking for with no hassles. Now all that’s left to do is increase traffic to your site.

For … Read More

Blog Traffic: Why 40 Unique Visitors Is Nothing to Complain About

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blog trafficOne of my clients recently got a new VP of Marketing and she wanted me to pull some information from their Google Analytics account about the impact their blogging efforts have had on their site.

Like many companies, content creation had proven to be one of the most difficult SEO challenges they had faced in 2012. Each blog post had to be approved by a … Read More

A Checklist for Effective Blog Writing in 2013

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business bloggingIn today’s Internet world, especially in 2013, content is (will be) king—and it’s only going to grow in importance. Thanks to changes in search algorithms, an emphasis on authorship and the growing power of Google+, content is quickly becoming more and more important in the eyes of search engines.

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To make sure your content is up to par, here’s a … Read More

Take Your Blog Posts From Good To Great

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business blogging ideasWriting a good blog post is relatively easy for even the new blogger. Choose a topic in your niche, spell it out in a clear and concise way, and your job is done. However, in an overcrowded blogosphere, you have to stand out as best you can. It’s time to create even better content, to add value to your readers and your blog.

“Successful bloggers Read More

Which Business Blogging Strategy Is Right for You?

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There is a certain orthodoxy floating around the internet these days that every business website should incorporate a blog.  While this is not necessarily true, there are a number of reasons why your business can benefit from a blog. Consider the following blogging strategies for some common business blogging goals:

Credibility and Expertise

One reason a business might want a blog is to demonstrate credibility … Read More