5 Ways to Streamline Your Email Campaigns for Mobile

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5 Ways to Streamline Your Email Campaigns for MobileHave you seen the latest email research? According to Litmus, 43% of emails are now opened on a mobile device such as a smart-phone or tablet (Tweet This). Some companies report an even higher mobile base, with up to 50 percent and even 65 percent of emails being opened on the go. What’s more, according to Litmus, only 3 percent of readers review a … Read More

Don’t Scrap Coupons Just Yet: Why Create Digital Savings?

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Ditch the print and encourage consumer loyalty with smart digital coupon strategy.

Do you remember the satisfying fatness of the Sunday edition of the newspaper? Do you remember why it was so thick? There were so many coupons, sales inserts and direct mail advertisements in vibrant colors.  While many newspapers are still in circulation, the prominence they once held is waning; and advertisers and business owners have been quick to take note.

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What Makes an Email Effective? You Might Be Surprised

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email marketingEmail’s dead, right? Wrong. Email is alive, kicking and doing better than ever. Businesses that want to be successful have to be able to deliver the right content and offers to their subscribers at the right time. What makes an email truly successful is your ability to engage a user through your copy and imagery. While each business will have different frequencies that yield the … Read More

Marketing Fun Friday: 5 Steps to an Awesome Email Campaign

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Email MarketingOnline marketing has drastically increased in recent years, and email campaigns seem like the new way to market to new customers and reach out to existing ones.

Because customers are receiving so much spam in their inboxes these days, it’s important that your company keep its email marketing content fresh so you don’t get moved to the trash folder.


To make your email marketing … Read More

5 Email Marketing Best Practices You Aren’t Using Yet

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email marketingA study by GetResponse found that 23.63% of all email opens occur within the first hour after delivery. Within the second hour after delivery, the results drop by half.

Make your email marketing campaigns more effective by utilizing emerging best practices – like taking advantage of mobile, changing the way you send emails, and applying your marketing efforts across multiple channels.

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The 3 Most Important Email Marketing Metrics to Follow

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email marketing metricsFollowing your email marketing metrics is one of the most effective ways to assess the success of your email campaigns. Your email analytics platform can provide you with unnumbered amounts of data for you to assess. Don’t have an analytics program? Get started with one of our hand-picked vendors today.

Because some of this data is more valuable than others, it’s important to understand … Read More

Top 10 Overused Words in Email Marketing

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email marketingEmail marketing campaign numbers have skyrocketed in recent years, and competition to stand out within the confines of an inbox is tougher than ever. Still, Act-On.com reported, “59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel in generating revenue.”

Not to mention that 77% of online customers ages 15 and up claim that email is their preferred method of receiving promotions; that according … Read More

Email Marketing: Simple and Cost Effective

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email marketingToday’s businesses rely more on the Internet for information, communication and advertising than ever before.  It has become a powerful medium utilized by people all over the globe.

Nearly everyone who owns electronics with the ability to connect to the Internet can share data and messages with anyone around the world. Knowing this, every business makes promoting its services and products online a top priority. … Read More

How to Market Effectively by Integrating Email Marketing and Social Media

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email marketing, business plansWe all want more time, right?  Until we find the solution to adding hours in a day, we need to focus on ways we can be more efficient with our business operations.  While email marketing and social media may seem daunting and a “time suck,” I assure you that with the right plan and integration, your business can benefit from using these tools.  Your business … Read More

Email Marketing 101: How to Run an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing utilizes email to send a message to an audience. Cost-effective and easy to use, email marketing has become one of the most common forms of online marketing. Email marketing can be used for a wide variety of purposes, whether to inform your audience of a new webinar, or to encourage customer loyalty.

Although email marketing campaigns have been utilized by many larger … Read More