The Pros & Cons of Google+ for Small Businesses

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Feb14_Post 1For big brands, Google+ is a good investment – but is it efficient for small businesses?  With 300 million monthly active users, Google+ users extend beyond just technology gurus and marketers, to brands building their own Google+ empires. If you’re wondering how to successfully run your small business, Google+ may be one of the keys.  It’s beneficial for businesses that are on a continual … Read More

Google Analytics: The Right-Hand Man to the Modern Small Business Owner

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Google analytics is the best free tool for small businessesAccording to Merriam-Webster, a “right hand man” is defined as “a valuable assistant upon whom one is accustomed to rely on”.  History has its famed sidekicks: the reliable Robin to the hero Batman, the loyal Goose to Pete “Mavericks” Mitchell, and corky Dwight Schrute to the passionate Micheal Scott. You get the idea. In each case, these prominent figures relied on their devoted right-hand sidekick … Read More

PageRank Redemption: Escaping the Prison of a Low Google Ranking

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escape low pagerankAlong with millions of Americans, I’m a sucker for the tear-inducing film Shawshank Redemption and can’t resist sinking into my couch for two hours when the critically acclaimed feature is on TV.  The motif of the nostalgic film, according to Roger Ebert, centers around the idea of the loss of integrity and worth one feels when they’re trapped in a hopeless situation. When Morgan Freeman … Read More

Why Google Analytics is a Must-Have Tool for Small Businesses in 2014

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Google analytics is the best free tool for small businessesMoving in the new year, small businesses around the country are likely clamoring to ready themselves for whatever challenges 2014 holds. And while it’s uncertain what those hurdles will be, Constant Contact, a marketing research firm, predicts small businesses will be using more big data to conquer them.

Several small businesses are already reaping the benefits that come from using big data in marketing and … Read More

How Businesses Establish Consumer Trust with Online Branded Communities

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Online branded communities can help business establish trust with consumers.Your customers are far more likely to trust other consumers and their acquaintances than any other channel for information. Meanwhile traditional ads, like those on television and in newspapers, garner lower levels of trust. Who do you turn to for advice? Be honest, you’re probably not asking Mark Zuckerberg. The latest data from Nielsen indicated consumers are looking to their family and friends first when … Read More

A Promotional Marketing Lesson from Amazon

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Limited-time only sales can improve sales numbers.People often want whatever they don’t have. This cuts across many segments of life, but it’s hard to deny the attraction of a limited or exclusive item to consumers. And with e-commerce, purchasing channels have expanded to create an economy where almost everything is available, regardless of where you live. As a result, it’s getting harder and harder to be an exclusive provider of a … Read More

Link Building Techniques That Still Work

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link building best practicesWith Penguin 2.0 and the fear of Google penalties still fresh in everyone’s minds, the time has come to take a good hard look at the way we build links. There isn’t room for paid, bulk link building techniques or multiple links from dodgy skinned template sites. I’m of the opinion that if it’s not 100% white hat, then it’s black hat. There is no … Read More

Measuring Inbound Traffic: 6 Data Points You Should Examine Today

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site traffic bounce rateUsing an analytics program to identify the successes, failures and needed improvements for your website is a key part of staying competitive online today. Many key performance indicators (KPIs) should be identified by any business owner or marketing department. Have you identified what indicators are important for your business’s site?

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An example … Read More

Marketing Fun Friday: Setting Up a Successful SMB Webinar (Part 1)

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small business marketing

Small businesses are often looking for ways to stand apart from larger companies. Content marketing is one way businesses can outperform their larger counterparts. 70% of SMB (small to medium-sized business) marketers see content marketing as their primary self-assigned task, according to a BtoB Online report, “Defining the Modern Marketer: SMBs Driving the Results.” What BtoB found is that webinars and virtual events are more … Read More

Are You Really Out of Link Building Opportunities?

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SEO External Link TipsSo many site owners struggle to come up with link building opportunities, especially after they have been at it for a few years. But, could you ever really run out of link building opportunities completely? In a recent interview, Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media said;

I say take on some of the responsibility of marketing your own site and open your mind to new Read More