Struggling to Find the Connection: How to Improve Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

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success with PPC campaignsThe Internet has become a marketplace not only for large, multinational companies dominating the global economic landscape, but also for small businesses trying to build and expand their brand. Moving online has allowed these companies to market to audiences originally thought unreachable, and they’ve been able to accomplish this progress through techniques like pay-per-click marketing. A study from WordStream revealed in 2013 that small businesses … Read More

3 Techniques That Will Double Your Adwords ROI

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3 techniques to double Adwords ROIEffective paid search advertising is imperative for the success of any eCommerce website. PPC marketing is a very effective means of advertisement if its potential is strategically harnessed. You must identify and focus your campaign upon keywords that result in the highest revenue to maximize your ROI. Considering the buyer’s intent, the revenue generated, and your target demographic for keywords can dramatically improve your Adwords … Read More

Why So Many PPC Campaigns Are Doomed and How to Reverse the Course

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SMBs waste 25 percent of their PPC budgets every month.You search and then click. Along the way, you may click some more. You type and click. There are no two ways about it: Clicking is part of the Web experience and most often we do it purposefully – sometimes accidentally – and businesses that haven’t figured out the role pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have on marketing and lead generation probably aren’t paying attention.

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How To “Fonzie” Your Online Marketing Jukebox

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Aaayy! Sometimes your business needs a little magic punch. The Fonz sure knew how to get the music playing in Al’s Diner, in the 70’s show “Happy Days.” Which got me thinking about how some businesses just have the magic “Fonzie” touch; they are able to get conversions with their online marketing efforts without putting a quarter in. For all the others, it takes a … Read More

What To Look For in a Pay Per Click Firm

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Pay per click marketing is one of the most cost effective ways your business can get new customers. Pay per click advertising, also referred to as PPC is an Internet advertising pricing model, in which an advertiser will pay the hosting website every time an ad is clicked. Whether you are looking to monetize display ads or improve your search marketing efforts, professional paid search Read More

Top 5 Stories to Help You Increase Your PPC Conversions

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Pay per click advertising requires extensive in keyword research, web design, copywriting, and split testing. It is no wonder many businesses choose to hire professional PPC specialists to manage their campaigns. However, if your small business is scaling back operations, it may just be handy to know a few more things about PPC, where it is today and how to understand the paid search … Read More

Making Your Business Stand Out With Google Boost

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map-pinSmall businesses are getting an additional “boost” as Google unveiled a promising modification to search engine places and paid ads. If you are a small business that has set up a Google Places account, you may find that it helps drive traffic to your site but there also is a great deal of competition. It has become a standard procedure to set up a Google … Read More

Squeezing Those Extra Dollars To Make Them Count

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The marketing department has a tough job.  It needs to get the company’s message out to the right audience, and help generate revenue–but needs to be price conscious of their techniques as well.  Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars on commercial and print ad campaigns.  And even then those dollars might not generate a great ROI.

Many companies have decided to push back on … Read More

Steal That Strategy: How These Companies Beat the Recession- And How You Can, Too

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With news that retail sales rose 2.7% in August (higher than the 2% increase many experts predicted), many small business owners are breathing a sigh of relief. Nearly every business blogger has done some version of the “Recession-proof Companies” post, but what many fail to address is how you as a small business owner can translate these successful strategies for your own company. Should you Read More

Internet Marketing – The Process of Working with the SMB

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The internet marketing industry is still very young and evolving rapidly.  Small business owners don’t have the time to keep up with the latest trends and tactics, especially in regards to seo, ppc and social media.  The result is that professionals in the field hold the responsibility to educate, inform and lead their clients in a direction that provides the best opportunity for … Read More