Boom or Bust: Keeping One Step Ahead In The World of Retail

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How to Stay One Step Ahead in RetailYou need an edge in business. Most of the time, you’re flying blind. You wonder how it is that everyone around you is doing so well while you feel like you’re on shaky ground. The truth is that your competitors aren’t really all that well off either. They’re just keeping up appearances. Here’s how to ditch the status quo, stay one step ahead, and actually … Read More

Don’t Scrap Coupons Just Yet: Why Create Digital Savings?

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Ditch the print and encourage consumer loyalty with smart digital coupon strategy.

Do you remember the satisfying fatness of the Sunday edition of the newspaper? Do you remember why it was so thick? There were so many coupons, sales inserts and direct mail advertisements in vibrant colors.  While many newspapers are still in circulation, the prominence they once held is waning; and advertisers and business owners have been quick to take note.

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What Technology Retail Stores Want Most

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tech retail store businessAiming to stay ahead of the competition? Knowing where your competitors are spending can help you evaluate your own strategy. Getting a leg up on your competitors isn’t always easy, but learning where they are allocating their budget can provide you with some insight into the trends affecting your industry the most. Retailers, class is in session. In an eTail survey, 58% of those … Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Retail Kiosk

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Small Retail Store Tip KioskA retail kiosk is a regular feature of modern retail settings. It has the potential to boost sales and increase customer engagement, as your customer is given access to an enhanced shopping experience and able to avoid complex buying decisions. Before you implement a kiosk in your business, take time to consider the following factors.

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Five Things You Should be Measuring About Your Business

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Smart Small Business Measurements Data

In my experience, most merchants are motivated by a passion for their chosen field. They start a chocolate shop because they are passionate about making chocolates. Or they open a yoga apparel store because they are genuine devotees of the discipline. I, on the other hand, started a wine store because I love business.

I love wine, don’t get me wrong, but when I was … Read More

7 Must-Haves For the Best In-Store Customer Experience

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Retail customer experienceThe experience that customers have in your store – from the physical experience to their interactions with your sales associates – has an effect on their shopping behavior, brand loyalty, and overall satisfaction with your business.

In order to help your customers get the most out of their in-store experience, you need to have the following:

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PCI Compliance: What You Need to Know

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Credit Card ProcessingIf your business accepts credit cards of any type, then you are automatically responsible for complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This standard was developed by the five major credit card brands in order to create and maintain a consistent information security standard for all credit card processors  The ultimate goals is to prevent credit card fraud that occurs when … Read More

Promoting Your Business Brand Across Multiple Storefronts

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Branding for storefrontsManaging a business with multiple locations comes with many challenges, and one of the most important is maintaining your brand’s consistency. Marketing materials and the overall customer experience should be uniform from one physical location to another, as well as online.

Unfortunately, very few businesses have the opportunity to build their second or third locations to match their first.

This means that the size and … Read More

Maximize Retail Profits by Tracking Consumer Buying Habits

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Marketing to your Retail CustomersDo you know why customers purchase impulse items? Understanding your customers’ thought process is vital to product pricing, placement, and overall marketing. The Journal of Management and Marketing Research states that “product placements are associated with increased purchase intent and sales.”

Consider how many television shows use product placement during the actual program. American Idol is sponsored by Coca-Cola. During the show, Coca-Cola cups are … Read More

Offline Data and Online Sales: Why One Needs the Other

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offline data for online salesYour retail store’s purchasing data should be much more than an end of day report filed away never to be seen again. This data from your point-of-sale system can inform a wide variety of your business processes, including the transition to an ecommerce website.

For example, the customer, sales, and inventory data you collect will help you determine your site’s design, SEO, and marketing tactics, … Read More