5 Important Lessons to Teach Your Sales Staff

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5 Important Lessons to Teach Your Sales TeamOne challenge for sales managers is making the transition from being an individual sales contributor to being responsible for the performance of other sales people. If the sales people on your team are less experienced or less skilled than you, there might be a learning curve. One of the most crucial roles for a sales manager is to lead by example and constantly teach, train … Read More

The Perfect Cold-Calling Email

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The Perfect Cold Call EmailID-100152158 (1)Cold-calling emails can be tough to write, and it’s disheartening getting lack-luster results after spending hours writing and sending. However, when written well, “cold emails” are definitely an effective form of networking. Here are some tips to writing the perfect cold-call email that will get you the responses you’re looking for.

Have a clear subject

Writing a clear email subject is always important, but it’s … Read More

How (and Why) Pinterest Leads to Major Purchases

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how and why to increase sales with pinterest

The era of social media shows no signs of slowing down. Harvard Business Review argued all those likes, tweets and pins are disruptive in the business world. Can it be that social media is a replacement for all those charismatic individuals in the sales department? Just take a look at the way Pinterest is adapting to work with businesses.

Pins Leading to Purchases

According to … Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Telemarketing Script

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the perfect telemarketing scriptTelemarketing scripts should be written in specific ways for complete effectiveness. A great telemarketing script engages the responder and keeps him or her interested in what’s being said. It also works functionally to deliver the kinds of things that listeners want.

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Here is a kind of rubric of style developed by various kinds of experts in the field … Read More

How Entrepreneur Tej Kohli Plans to Transform the E-Commerce World

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How Entrepreneur Tej Kohli Plans to Transform the E-Commerce WorldKnown around the world for his philanthropy, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit, Tej Kohli is a Renaissance man for the post-modern era. With his hand in real estate, technology, and online shopping, Kohli uses venture capital to invest in products, processes, and places where he sees the potential for tremendous growth. Continue reading to discover the plans Tej Kohli has to bring dramatic change to … Read More

Reduce POS Costs While Customers Swipe and Pay

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Small business POS system upgradeCheck the fine print. This isn’t important just for consumers, and those in the small to midsized business sector have reason to look more closely at the costs associated with point-of-sale systems. Retailers across the country – from small-business owners to large corporations – were recently dealt a blow as the U.S. District Court in New York ruled against imposing a limit on swipe fees, … Read More

Small Coffee Shop Finds Twitter and Gains 14,000+ Followers

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Build Your small business online presence through TwitterThe Internet has a lot to offer small businesses, but, for the most part, they have yet to establish themselves with as strong a presence as their larger, more robust counterparts. A new study suggests that’s about to change.

Research from j2 Global, a digital media company, found that more than one-quarter of small businesses plan to increase their online presence in 2014. One of … Read More

Surprising Consumer Trends for 2014

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2014 consumer trends2013 has been an interesting year for business and has been a hallmark year for technology. Infused in nearly every aspect of business and marketing, technology is quickly becoming less of a luxury and more of a regular part of life. However, in Ford’s annual trend report, research found the novelty of technology and the constant connectivity it’s afforded us may be wearing off.… Read More

LinkedIn: The Forgotten Ally of Small Businesses

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how you company could benefit from linkedinAs business continues to make the transition into a more digital environment, organizations from all industries have seemingly made the collective decision to begin incorporating social media into their overall online marketing strategies.

According to research from BIA/Kelsey, 72 percent of small businesses are currently taking advantage of at least one social media channel for marketing purposes, but only 28 percent are on LinkedIn. A … Read More

12 Motivational Sales Quotes for the Small Business Owner

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sales quotesLast week we published Success in Social Breeds Success in Sales and discussed using social media marketing to generate leads. The week prior to that we supplied you with another how-to article on amping your sales quota. But this week we’ve done a simple round-up of 12 motivating sales quotes- because sometimes we just need some quick pieces of inspiration to realign our efforts, goals, … Read More