Why Your Business Needs a BPO Partner

Posted by on June 4, 2012 in Sales Outsourcing [ 1 Comment ]

BPO partnerAs a child, your world was limited to home. All day long, you’d play and run around the house. As you got older, however, your world grew —to your next-door neighbor, the park, and eventually nursery school. And it just kept on getting bigger—just like you.

Your growing horizons, however, wouldn’t have been possible with the help of a few trusted people—such as family and … Read More

Successfully Outsourcing Work In Your Business

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When you run a small business you can often feel the need to do everything yourself.

In order to save costs you assume that it is much better to do things yourself, rather than to hire an employee. In many cases this can be true.

However, there are times when getting help in various areas of your business can be really beneficial. If you really … Read More

3 Call Center Service Metrics to Monitor

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Whether you like it or not, the employees interacting with your customers (and potential customers) are the face of your business. For many companies, as they reach scale, the choice to invest in call center resources to handle the influx of customer inquiries is a no brainer. However, implementing processes to manage and control your call center resources and employees is a bit trickier. Understanding … Read More

Pull Up the Straps and Get Ready to Sell

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Considering that my core focus is building, developing, coaching, and mentoring sales teams for emerging companies, many people ask me what it takes to get sales going. The answer is simple, but all too often the greatest challenge a young company faces. If you just decided your product is ready for market, then take a long hard look at your first sales person. Take a … Read More