6 Great Ways Entrepreneurs Can Handle Stress

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6 Great Ways Entrepreneurs Can Handle StressThere are many entrepreneurs – or people who want to be entrepreneurs – with great ideas. Unfortunately, oftentimes these could-be life changing ideas aren’t carried through because the entrepreneurs become paralyzed with indecision and discouraged when it comes time to actually plan and implement their ideas.

While recent studies show us that stress levels are lower than they’ve been in years, that doesn’t mean business … Read More

How to Tackle HR’s Biggest Concern: Employee Retention

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new hires and employee retentionThe factors determining success for a small business are plenty and diverse, but perhaps none is more impactful than having a solid foundation of happy employees. At least that’s what human resources professionals identified as their biggest concern in a recent survey.

Research conducted by SilkRoad, a global talent management firm, found that 48 percent of respondents were most concerned with engaging and retaining employees … Read More

Can a Greener Company Increase Profits?

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green initiatives can reduce small business overhead costsMany brands are engaging in making contributions to social and environmental welfare, and the added visibility has improved reputation. The tricky part for many businesses is knowing whether or not their customers get the message and are willing to pay a premium for products or services that are deemed environmentally friendly.

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One reason … Read More

How Your Small Business Can Process Payments Like Big Businesses

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mobileIt wasn’t so long ago that small businesses struggled to process credit and debit cards like large corporations. Merchant services, as they’re known, came with costly hardware, rates were frequently volume based, and reserve accounts often tied up valuable cash needed to run smaller operations. Today, there are many different payment platforms for small businesses and each offers solutions that run on multiple devices and … Read More

Call Center Optimization: 4 Metrics to Measure

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Contact Center TipsBecause customers are now, more than ever, empowered when making a purchase decision, businesses and contact centers are looking for ways to address their changing needs. When it comes to call center success, it’s all about meeting the need of clients, customers and callers. In a 2013 study, Aberdeen Group surveyed businesses regarding their contact center workforce management (WFM) activities. Because many businesses understand the … Read More

POS Trends: What’s New for 2013

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What does 2013 hold for POS Systems?

We’ve  looked into our crystal ball (well, actually we checked in with industry experts who’ve been looking into their crystal balls) to find out what sort of new and exciting features to be on the lookout for.… Read More

How Much Should You Be Paying in Payroll Service Fees?

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How Much Should You Be Paying in Payroll Service FeesPayroll is the most commonly outsourced business function, and there are many good reasons why. For one thing, withholding and other IRS rules change frequently, and payroll services make it a point to stay on top of all the rules. If you’ve ever done payroll in-house and had to pay a fat penalty to the IRS for a withholding mistake, you know well the value … Read More

6 Ways Your Business Can Save on Shipping Costs

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Rising gas prices affect more than just folks with long commutes or families worried about how they’re going to pay for the drive to grandma’s house for the holidays.

Small business owners have felt the pinch, too, especially when it comes to shipping costs, as companies like FedEx and UPS tack on fuel surcharges every time energy costs increase.

Luckily, there are many ways businesses … Read More

4 Surprising (and Often Unrealized) Benefits in Your POS System

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For small business owners, the old adage “you have to spend money to make money” is no more true then when it comes to investing in the technology needed to run their business.

A new POS system might cost thousands of dollars up front, but if used for more than scanning barcodes and finding out how much change you owe a customer, that investment can … Read More

4 Useful Apps For The Office

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productivity appsWith the ever increasing number of apps on the smart phone and tablet market, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of the latest ‘must have’ apps. We get bogged down in app download overload, cluttering our phones with redundant and rarely used applications. So, how do you decide which ones will actually make your working life easier and more productive?

My advice … Read More