Facebook Marketing: You’re Doing It All Wrong

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Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses- You're Doing it All WrongI’ve been in digital marketing since 2008, four years after Facebook first launched. And despite the significant evolution of marketing – it feels like social media marketing has become a bit stagnant. Countless social media tools have come out since to help us make our efforts more efficient. But unfortunately most of these tools and solutions focus on the ‘internal’ management of social media … Read More

5 Unique Ways To Use Twitter

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5 unique ways to use twitterSmall businesses use the Twitter platform in all kinds of ways. Twitter occupies a particular niche in social media, because of the extremely short-form nature of this platform, where posts need to be under 140 characters. So how can you use Twitter in ways that will serve an emerging business, in creative ways that allow you to do more with this kind of social media … Read More

The Pros & Cons of Google+ for Small Businesses

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Feb14_Post 1For big brands, Google+ is a good investment – but is it efficient for small businesses?  With 300 million monthly active users, Google+ users extend beyond just technology gurus and marketers, to brands building their own Google+ empires. If you’re wondering how to successfully run your small business, Google+ may be one of the keys.  It’s beneficial for businesses that are on a continual … Read More

Small Coffee Shop Finds Twitter and Gains 14,000+ Followers

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Build Your small business online presence through TwitterThe Internet has a lot to offer small businesses, but, for the most part, they have yet to establish themselves with as strong a presence as their larger, more robust counterparts. A new study suggests that’s about to change.

Research from j2 Global, a digital media company, found that more than one-quarter of small businesses plan to increase their online presence in 2014. One of … Read More

Google Plus: The Neglected Stepchild of Social Networking

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Don't relegate Google+ to the sidelines of your social media strategy.There are many reasons to think Google Plus is the neglected stepchild of the social networking world. The perennial giants – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – have taken much the larger share of the business world’s focus. Even sites like Pinterest and Instagram have garnered far more attention of late than Google’s social media offering. However, for small-business owners  and entrepreneurs looking to expand brand … Read More

Expert Advice on Perfecting Your Internet Marketing

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We know you’re a smart, savvy business owner (you’re reading this post, after all), so we know you’ve written a thoughtful business plan that you revisit periodically.

We also know that you have an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-find website, where customers can find and buy what they’re looking for with no hassles. Now all that’s left to do is increase traffic to your site.

For … Read More

POS Trends: What’s New for 2013

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What does 2013 hold for POS Systems?

We’ve  looked into our crystal ball (well, actually we checked in with industry experts who’ve been looking into their crystal balls) to find out what sort of new and exciting features to be on the lookout for.… Read More

5 Easy Tips to Building an Online Community around your Brand

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business brandingIn the past, marketers would rely on traditional media in order to send the message out to their audience. However, with the advent of the Internet, social media, and changing standards of connectivity, much of the audience has shifted online. Many companies have addressed this shift through a variety of ways, whether through developing social media strategies or giving employees the new title of … Read More

The New Year Has Only Just Begun: Birnbach Communications’ Top Predictions for 2012

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We’ve been issuing annual predictions going back a decade now. Our goal is to help our clients more effectively understand and engage on topics of interest for social media (and sometimes this is best done in February).

We will be rolling out our 2012 list of trends over the next two weeks. Here are the first few:

  1. The desire to be connected 24/7 may change
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You Love Your Customers, But Do They Know That?

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As a small business, you adore your customers and loyal followers for making you who you are. Without their love and support you may not be here today. So how do you repay them? Shower them with gifts (aka tweets) that hold giveaways, deals, coupons, and so much love.

Twitter can be a great tool to show your customers how much you appreciate them. However, … Read More