The 6 Best Careers for Women in the Health Industry

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The 6 Best Careers for Women in the Health IndustryAt 87, Mary Elizabeth looks back on the beginning of her career with bittersweet memories. Ahead of her time, she was more interested in a fulfilling career than homemaking in an era where working women were sneered, not revered. After high school, her dad refused to pay for her to attend nursing school “so she could change bed pans,” as he put it.

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4 Must-Have Leadership Qualities Every Small Business Owner Needs to Have

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what are good leadership qualities?A good leader stands the test of time. Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mendela- all great figures who withstood adversity and catapulted their army of followers into an environment of prosperity and success. Leaders are often under immense pressure and scrutiny of both their employees and society at large. Some crack while others thrive. In fact, 37 percent of interviewed executives admitted to lack of … Read More

How to Tackle HR’s Biggest Concern: Employee Retention

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new hires and employee retentionThe factors determining success for a small business are plenty and diverse, but perhaps none is more impactful than having a solid foundation of happy employees. At least that’s what human resources professionals identified as their biggest concern in a recent survey.

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What Your Small Business Should Be Looking For in a Leader

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a good leaderHaving a strong leader seems like an obvious goal for business planning, but a recent study reveals some companies are struggling to find their next Bill Gates or Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM. In fact, 37 percent of the executives interviewed for the study admitted a lack of faith in their own internal leadership, saying they didn’t have the skills necessary to achieve critical results … Read More

Surprising Consumer Trends for 2014

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2014 consumer trends2013 has been an interesting year for business and has been a hallmark year for technology. Infused in nearly every aspect of business and marketing, technology is quickly becoming less of a luxury and more of a regular part of life. However, in Ford’s annual trend report, research found the novelty of technology and the constant connectivity it’s afforded us may be wearing off.… Read More

The Advantages and Challenges of a Remote Workforce

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remote workforceRemote employment options are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and employees alike and the relationship can be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Businesses have access to a much larger hiring pool, and can generally save on salaries and office space, while the employee saves on commuting and relocation costs as well as more flexibility in their work and personal time.

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Getting Ready to Go Offshore: Understanding Variations in Business Culture

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offshore business relationshipsChoosing to outsource all or part of your business is a big step – and what is acceptable for other business cultures is essential for success in doing so. You probably know how important it is to learn customs when traveling for business, such as giving and receiving business cards with both hands when visiting Southeast Asian countries.

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Google Plus: The Neglected Stepchild of Social Networking

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Don't relegate Google+ to the sidelines of your social media strategy.There are many reasons to think Google Plus is the neglected stepchild of the social networking world. The perennial giants – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – have taken much the larger share of the business world’s focus. Even sites like Pinterest and Instagram have garnered far more attention of late than Google’s social media offering. However, for small-business owners  and entrepreneurs looking to expand brand … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

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small business marketing new years resolutionAs a small business owner, you’re diligent in your efforts to improve and advance every day of the year. However, as the New Year draws nearer, you probably anticipate changes you could make in your business, both big and small. Use this list of 6 smart New Year’s resolutions for the small business owner as a guideline to help you strategize for next year:

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Crowdfunding: With A Little Help From My Friends

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crowdfunding success stories“I get by with little help from my friends.” Ringo Starr and the fellow Beatles mates sang this world renowned lyric for Sgt. Pepper’s album, but the underlying idea still strikes an emotional cord between friends across the world and aptly applies to the social relationships we build in business as well.Even more so, within the recent years, businesses have been financially “getting by” with … Read More