Startup City: Tips from Your Tax Accountant

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Startup City: Tips from Your Tax AccountantIn real estate, there are three words you need to know: location, location and location. The same, however, goes for startups and new business owners. The location you start your new business makes a major impact on your overhead and your bottom line. GoodApril, a San Francisco-based tax-planning startup, ranked seven startup cities in the U.S. based on data including employee earnings, personal income … Read More

The 8 Biggest Payroll Bloopers (and How to Avoid Them)

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As far as we can tell, there’s no day set aside to honor payroll professionals. And considering the paperwork quagmire they must wade through, we think this is a travesty.

If you think their job is just to make sure you get a paycheck every couple weeks, think again. Of course, making sure you’re paid at the correct rate and that your check is deposited … Read More

8 Easy Tax Savings for Small Businesses

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In the current economic climate, many small businesses are going, or will be going, through cash flow shortage problems. However, there are some ways in which small business owners can use the tax benefits that apply to them to help ease their financial troubles.

Tax planning involves analyzing different tax strategies to see how best to run your small business so that your taxes are … Read More

Possible Nevada State Tax

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Happy New Year to everyone. Even though it is going to be a pretty tough year for many people in our country and around the world, we can still all hope for the best. We are all in it together. That said, as a Nevada resident, I need to let you in on what is happening in our state. As you might imagine, people are Read More

New GAAP to be Launched in July – What Does This Mean?

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The Financial Accounting Standards Board has recently announced that it plans to release its codification of accounting standards in July of 2009.  The codification does not change Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), rather it re-organizes, codifies, and simplifies the existing structure of guidance which had become a labyrinth of convoluted accounting literature.  The new codification will be based on a topical format rather than the … Read More

Can the IRS help your business in a recession?

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In light of the soft economy, businesses are seeking new ways to save money and maintain strong financials. Increasingly, business owners are looking to the IRS as a source of assistance and valuable savings opportunities to help ride out the economic slowdown. There are a few easy steps that savvy business owners can take to make the most of what Uncle Sam has to offer: Read More