A Process in 3 Parts: Breaking Down the Sale

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Establishing a Sales ProcessWhether you’re selling software or printing services, having a defined sales process is a must. While a number of studies have shown that return customers often spend more than new ones and are essential to a company’s success, new customers are a must for any business looking to grow and expand their reach. What many small businesses lack, however, is a defined sales process that … Read More

Call Center Optimization: 4 Metrics to Measure

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Contact Center TipsBecause customers are now, more than ever, empowered when making a purchase decision, businesses and contact centers are looking for ways to address their changing needs. When it comes to call center success, it’s all about meeting the need of clients, customers and callers. In a 2013 study, Aberdeen Group surveyed businesses regarding their contact center workforce management (WFM) activities. Because many businesses understand the … Read More

How to Motivate Your Sales Team in 9 Easy Steps

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Motivating Sales StaffIf you’re a small to medium-sized business, keeping your sales team happy can often be difficult. Whether your B2B or B2C, having a motivated sales team can make the difference between a record high month in sales and a historically low one. Let’s face it; slow months in sales do happen. It’s important not to discourage your team in times like these. Rather, you should … Read More

5 Ways Your Telemarketing Efforts May Be Breaking the Law

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Telemarketing campaigns are still popular marketing techniques: when they’re done in a respectful manner, and in compliance with all relevant laws, they can be very effective.

If your company is involved in telemarketing or considering a telemarketing campaign, it is critical that you stay on the right side of the law, or you could be facing serious legal action. Here are 5 of the … Read More

The 10 Most Common Telemarketing Mistakes

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The 10 Most Common Telemarketing MistakesSeveral things must happen before you make a sale in a telemarketing campaign. First, the call recipient must wait while the telemarketer’s autodialer finds an available telemarketer, and many call recipients do not. Then, if the prospect is still on the phone when the telemarketer begins the call, he or she must gain their attention to even begin the process of producing a conversion.

Even … Read More

The Telemarketing Tightrope: What’s Legal, What’s Not

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The Telemarketing Tightrope: What's Legal, What's NotWhich Telemarketing Laws Apply to Your Business?

Telemarketing laws that apply to your business depend on:

  • Your business location(s)
  • Products and services offered
  • States you call
  • Whether numbers are dialed manually, automatically, or predictively
  • Types of leads you call
  • Whether your business qualifies for certain exemptions
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Dial Up the Enthusiasm: The 8 Secrets of the Most Successful Telemarketing Companies

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There have been plenty of people predicting the demise of the telemarketing industry as a result of the national Do-Not-Call registry and the rise of cell phones. But telemarketing companies say not to start digging graves just yet.

For telemarketing to thrive, callers need to ditch the impersonal scripts and robo-calls and rebuild trust with consumers. Here’s some advice from these industry experts we rounded … Read More

The Anatomy of a Good Telemarketing Script

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The Anatomy of a Good Telemarketing Script

Done well, the outbound telemarketing script is a passport to success. A good telemarketing script not only helps train new telemarketing employees, but injects freshness into the calls of veteran telemarketers. The best side effect of a great telemarketing script, of course, is increased sales. While telemarketing is hard work, improving your success rate by even one percentage point with a good script means a … Read More

5 Creative Techniques to Turbocharge Your Telemarketing

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With business telemarketing, you have a convenient, ubiquitous technology (the telephone) that allows you to deliver your message to large numbers of people that you might not reach otherwise.

But there is no denying the downside of telemarketing, and that is the reputation of telemarketers as pushy, intrusive, and inconvenient. Telemarketing works, or nobody would waste resources doing it. But sometimes you have to … Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Telemarketing Company

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hiring a telemarketing companyPeople tend to shudder at the word “telemarketing,” but the fact is, telemarketing can be a smart investment for a small business.


A 2011 study of marketing professionals by MarketingSherpa found that 35% of respondents believe telemarketing to be “very effective.” Telemarketing may have a negative vibe, but it’s still widely used and is still effective. Hiring a telemarketing company is an investment, and … Read More