Are Your Analytics Up to Snuff?

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are your analytics up to snuff?Not just another buzzword, big data has transformed the way businesses run. The plethora of information at the fingertips of consumer-driven companies is staggering. Those that haven’t taken advantage of the information that Web-based analytics have to offer shouldn’t wonder why the CEO and CFO are red in the face trying to understand the reasons behind failing marketing campaigns and poor customer service results. You … Read More

How to Maintain the Little Privacy you have Left

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Privacy on social media may seem like a bit of a contradiction: the user puts all of his personal information on the Internet, but still expects a measure of privacy in order to protect that data. The average user generally skims the Privacy Policy of a website, and rarely checks or updates their privacy standards. But because social media platforms and various websites are … Read More

Older Workers and the Importance of Online Skills

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You’re an employer and you come across a potential employee with tons of experience but their online skills are minimal at best. What are the chances you will hire them?

As more and more positions involving online skills arise in the workplace, it is important for older workers who likely do not have a long history with the Internet to learn the skills sooner than … Read More

New Trends in Web Design: Think Big, Large and Wall-size Poster

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Two fundamental rules of web design eagerly taught by most experts  until not so long ago were: a) web design doesn’t work the same as print design, and b) when designing a web page, be mindful of prevailing conventions.  Both rules are still valid to a certain extent, but not absolutely.

Print design doesn’t suffer from the limitations of low screen resolution or from the … Read More

Google’s Moves are Forward, Despite Facebook’s Stride

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With recent news that has taken over Google’s place as the most visited website in America, the social networking site’s web designers, as well as smaller search engine developers, may be cheering.

Now however, with the focus of the web shifting towards peer-to-peer communication and away from search engines, Google was apparently planning ahead when it shelled out nearly $750-million for AdMob in … Read More

Steal That Strategy: How These Companies Beat the Recession- And How You Can, Too

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With news that retail sales rose 2.7% in August (higher than the 2% increase many experts predicted), many small business owners are breathing a sigh of relief. Nearly every business blogger has done some version of the “Recession-proof Companies” post, but what many fail to address is how you as a small business owner can translate these successful strategies for your own company. Should you Read More

Successful Female Web 2.0 Entrepreneurs

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It’s always been a slightly antagonistic cocktail party trick of mine to get a conversation going about a well-known business or technology that I know for a fact is founded by a female entrepreneur and see if the person I’m discussing this topic with also knows this. You’d be surprised how often I wear a smug smirk on my face when their eyes betray them Read More

Green Marketing: Finding the Right Balance

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One of the reasons that I started my business, MarketGarden, was to help Green Businesses, those that offer green/sustainable products or services, market themselves. Often times these start-ups or smaller companies can not afford a variety of agencies – a marketing firm, pr firm, web developer, and advertising agency – to do so. I wanted to offer all of those services in a more … Read More

Sales Pipeline Done Right – “Focus” a great tool for bootstrappers

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Sales are the life blood of any company. Especially in the early stages, a startup business must sell in order to survive. The primary responsibility of its founders is to deliver growth and increased revenues in order to reach profitability.

Some companies succeed even with slower growth, while others struggle while making faster revenue gains. The reason for this is predictability – the founders achieve … Read More

Pull Up the Straps and Get Ready to Sell

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Considering that my core focus is building, developing, coaching, and mentoring sales teams for emerging companies, many people ask me what it takes to get sales going. The answer is simple, but all too often the greatest challenge a young company faces. If you just decided your product is ready for market, then take a long hard look at your first sales person. Take a … Read More