Why Grilled Cheese Could Inspire You—Knowing When to Expand Your Business

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In today’s economy, you know that if you have a good thing going, you have to keep it going. Recently MSNBC reported on Jonathan Kaplan, creator of the company behind the Flip Video camcorder, who has decided to take his earnings and open up grilled cheese restaurants. He hopes to open 25 to 50 within the year, and 500 within five years.  After reading about … Read More

How To: Find Investors, the Essential Tool Needed to Build Your Business

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If you want to build a company from top to bottom you will need a hammer, screw driver, nails, blue prints, and workers to start – and by this I mean you will need tools. Unfortunately, the business making tools of today’s world are known as investors, and their hammers and screw drivers come in the form of money.

According to a Wells Fargo/Gallup Small … Read More

Don’t Let Your Business Become Grounded

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As the Space shuttle Atlantis rocketed into space from Kennedy Space Center at 11:26 a.m. ET this past Friday morning, it marked the last launch following three decades for NASA’s storied fleet of shuttles.

Headed to the International Space Station one last time, Atlantis’ trek marked the end of missions for a fleet that saw a pair of doomed flights – Challenger and Columbia – … Read More

Avoid a Marketing Mistake: Think Big or Keep it Personal

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There’s no better time to build a strong, sustainable brand than when a company is first being established.  However, for smaller, single-person businesses, there may be some question as to whether the brand should be based on the individual, or on a company name. This decision should ultimately be based on your vision for the future of the company.

Begin by asking where you’d like … Read More

The Importance of Updating Your Business Plan

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Business plans are the homework that just won’t end. Imagine being in school and being given an assignment to write a term paper. You have an outline of what’s required, a recommended format that you should use, and a timeline in which completing it would be advised. Here’s the rub: what if that assignment is never done. The due date comes and goes and it Read More

Tax prep business continues it’s nice growth ramp

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A common question I get is: What’s a good business to start?

Of course, this is one that involves saying “depends.”

But on Tax Day, I think there is something to consider; that is, a tax prep business.

In fact, according to a BizEquity research report, there’s been continued strength in the industry. For the past year, the valuations of tax prep firms has increased … Read More

On St. Paddy’s Day, bar owners have something to cheer about

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Yes, on this day, it’s going to be a strong day for bar owners. But, interestingly enough, the past year has also been strong. This is according to a new study from BizEquity on the business valuation of bars.

Over the past year, the typical bar saw a 5% increase in value – to $82,306. Let’s face it, as the economy continues to fall off, … Read More

Small biz sentiment is down…but is there a silver lining?

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Of course, small business owners are deeply concerned about the future. And, this is being reflected in a variety of surveys, such as from the latest report from the National Federation of Independent Business Small Business.

And, as things get worse, the wealth of small business owners continues to deteriorate. This is clearly evident on the business valuation database of BizEquity.

But, even during bad … Read More

What’s the value of a blog?

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It seems that every day we hear bad news about the newspaper industry. Simply put, readers are moving online – and fast.

Of course, one source of news is the blogosphere. It’s amazing that this is a relatively new thing (the first blogs started to pop up in the late 1990s).

With all this interest, the business valuation of blogs should be strong, right?

Well, … Read More