Cellit, Sprint and MobileCoupons Sell it Digitally

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With cell phones populating the market, advertisers are flooding the web with ways to promote services to their service subscribers.

Sprint’s wireless division has already moved kiosks into movie theaters to provide interactive coupons, where texting a number to Sprint will send an automated bar code back to the phone. Holding the bar code up to the kiosk’s scanner will allow coupons to be printed for discounts on procession items like popcorn and soft drinks.

The marketing campaign is a faint reminder of telemarketing services of old, when just under 40 years ago, Bell Systems Communications allowed their subscribers to call in and ask for telephone features toll-free. Services like Sprint’s have come a long way, and now small business websites have found ways to promote coupons, discounts, and live-deals directly to smartphones.

Cellit, a mobile marketing firm, announced at the beginning of February that it launched iWidgit for the iPhone and iPod Touch – the program automatically sends its deals to subscribers of the application. Like Sprint’s campaign, the iWidgit’s coupon code scans into POS system kiosks, and provides a print-out of the deals.

While Cellit’s app covers retailers and restaurants for Apple users, other online advertisers have tackled the issue with other cell phones with their own programs. MobileCoupons.com, besides being “app-ly” named, provides digital coupons to phone subscribers with Apple, Android, and other operating systems as well.

Instead of utilizing point of sale software, however, these coupons will need to be shown to the stores in person, from the cell phone screen. All of these coupons have traditional expiration dates as well, though this seems to be the only thing that they have in common with your Sunday paper’s cutout ads.

Cellit and Sprint’s kiosk printed coupons will likely have a same-day expiration date posted on them, while MobileCoupons’ digital discounts will actually be updated in real time, so when they expire the ad will change on your handheld device as well.

With the recent increases in direct-to-phone advertising, the term telemarketing has a new meaning, and consumers have another reason to stay glued to their screens.

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