Clever Tools to Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts

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We’ve all heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) by now. These tools help you track the progress of your online campaigns in real-time so you can make tweaks to fully tune your marketing budget and maximize your dollar. Before you start implementing the below efforts, use to analyze your website rankings in comparison to your competitors. After you’ve implemented some of the tools below, you can evaluate and track how much progress you’ve made with your SEO efforts.

The following tools and factors are helpful in determining the relevancy of your website:

SEO tools for your website

  • SEO Quake – This toolbar allows you to track key site metrics in your SEO campaign.
  • Alexa Rank – This tool measures your overall internet ranking, rankings are in ascending order.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool – This tool allows you to do some basic keyword research to discover which keywords should be on your site.
  • Page Rank Tool – Use this tool to check your Google Page Rank for any given URL.

Other factors to help optimize your website

  • Quality Content – one of the most important factors in any SEO campaign is quality content. But, it’s only quality if you use keywords that relate to your site. Keyword density tool checks your content to make sure it flows and is natural.
  • Number of indexed pages – The more pages you create with valuable content, the more your site will expand and gain authority. Search engines value high indexed pages with high quality content.
  • Meta Tags – These are very important in on-site optimization. Use a meta tag generator to easily create meta tags for your website. Be sure to avoid duplicated meta tags on the website, as you can be penalized by Google.

The Top 10 SEO Websites

Below is a list of valuable SEO resources you should consider when entering the SEO world. Each provides quality tips and tricks that can help you jump start your marketing campaign and maximize your advertising dollar.

10. – These professional SEO consultants will provide you with search marketing goals, and give you many unique strategies to increase your traffic and rank.

9.) – A hot SEO blog that provides genuinely useful tips and helpful information, all free of charge.

8.) – Provides readers with Search Engine Marketing forum topics from all over the net in one place; a great source for opinions, and advice.

7.) SearchEngineJournal – Another blog that offers SEO tips from a unique perspective, while also providing useful statistics or polls (such as John McCain’s site stats vs. Barack Obama’s).

6.) – Provides various tutorials and tips to enhance your SEO campaign.

5.) – Some of the best Google-specific advice you can get, –from a guy who works there!

4.) – Trained professional SEO consultants, prepared to work until you’re fully satisfied with your site’s optimization.

3.) – More than you ever wanted to know about Google and SEO – a real look behind the scenes!

2.) – One of most well known SEO resources online. Aaron Hall runs SEO Book which is free, and provides some of the best SEO resources online.

1.) – This site has modeled and marketed itself as “The Web’s Best SEO Resources” and they have yet to be proven wrong!

Other tools to improve and benchmark your online efforts

Google AdWords and Yahoo SM advertising are probably the two largest Internet advertising competitors. Both are a pay-per-click advertising service that can help you reach your customers that are searching for your keywords.

Google AdWords works on a bidding scale for placement on the search engine results page for Google. You are charged on a per click basis based on whatever keyword you’re targeting; thus the term “pay-per-click advertising.” Google AdWords has a cloaked bidding system and a higher potential for click through rankings being dropped.

Yahoo Ads are similar except the bidding process is a bit different and not as confidential, which is beneficial when bidding on keywords.

Yahoo is more user-friendly for beginning users with the ability to see all the bidding prices on your keywords.  Google does not provide this bidding information and so you never really know how much you will pay for each bid. You can set a maximum bid which stands as a ceiling for how much you’re willing to pay.  Google AdWords also offers consistent reports that provide user friendly data on your advertising campaign. Google holds the advantage over Yahoo for its competent data distribution, while Yahoo has an advantage for their unique and ultimately helpful bidding system. The coin toss lands in favor of Google however, nine times out of ten, for their rising popularity, despite Yahoo’s higher payout potential.

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