Cloud Recruiting Software: Improve Your Networking

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networking with recruiting softwareWhile there are a number of programs that are more beneficial on the cloud, recruiting software is one of the most cloud-friendly. Why? Because hiring is an on-going process; not something that is just done on Friday afternoons or first thing Monday morning. When hiring, you’re always looking for the right candidate; the best person for the job could be in the grocery store or at a trade show, you just have to find them.

Getting your recruiting software on the cloud is not only more convenient, but will allow you to network more effectively. By staying in contact and qualifying potential candidates on the spot, you can be sure you’re able to choose from the best talent available to you.

Keep Partners in the Loop

Recruiting software is built to make the hiring process more efficient and streamlined. Therefore, a major aspect of this is collaboration. Hiring is a process that requires more than just the HR team; various departments depend on one another to be successful and should be included in the process, as well.

  • Networking tip: Instead of taking a business card you’ll inevitably lose, get all the contact info into your recruiting software. Then, leave a message on the dashboard for others to look through the info. You can call the person in for a “second” interview once everyone has approved.

Scout When You Aren’t Hiring

Though you have a dedicated hiring page, you may not be looking to fill spaces immediately. None the less, the right candidate may not come at just the right time. Being able to access candidate inquiries at any time of the day, week or month, will be crucial to finding the right person for the job.

  • Networking tip: Set up immediate notifications if an email, social inquiry or website interaction has come in from your hiring page. Be sure to capitalize on any opportunity to network with them at an event by getting the information while you’re out and about.

Impromptu Interviews

Gone are the days of going through hundreds of resumes from not-so-qualified applicants. Recruiting software is made with a built in interviewing process that is optimized for what your company needs, the skills each candidate should have, and potential questions to ask and elicit answers for. Take advantage of this technology for what can be considered an impromptu interview.

  • Networking tip: Think you’ve met a great candidate after talking for a while? Glance through your phone quickly for some potential questions to ask and work them into the conversation. If you’re sure this is a great candidate, tell them about the open position and see if they’re up for an impromptu interview. Many people are looking, but you won’t know until you ask.

Recruiting software is a valuable tool for any growing business. While you can shuffle through hundreds of applications and not find the right person, it will be more efficient to optimize the process with software. But, get it on the cloud, and you can be seeking out great candidates at all times.

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2 thoughts on “Cloud Recruiting Software: Improve Your Networking

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    That’s very true! It’s a huge benefit of going to cloud – despite security concerns; which is largely in your hands anyway. Thanks for checking out the post!

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