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selling with contentWriting content for each stage of the sales funnel.

This year, the use of content marketing has soared among online marketers, being the most powerful strategy to generate leads. According to The Content Marketeer, “After 36 months, content marketing has generated 31 leads per $1,000 spent, more than three times as many as than the nine leads for paid search.” (Tweet this stat!)

It’s a strong statistic that’s hard to ignore. But only producing one type of content will not yield the same results. The key to content marketing success knows your audience and where they fall on the sales funnel; then determine what type of content will guide them onto the next stage, and ultimately transform them into a customer.

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Here are the types of content that work best for each stage of the sales funnel:

1. Top of the Funnel

At this stage, you are targeting first-time website visitors or those who are fairly new to the subject matter. Use content that will speak to a broad audience, give each diverse visitor a reason to stay or come back. You want to give them information that will be interesting without overwhelming them or scaring them away.

The best types of content for the first stage are:

  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Video blog posts
  • FAQ pages.
  • Resource pages

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2. Middle of the Funnel

This is where new visitors have transformed into an informed audience. They understand what your brand is all about, but now they want a little more in depth knowledge. This content should be beneficial to both the higher and lower funnel levels, but your ultimate goal is to guide this group further down the funnel.

The best types of content for the second stage are:

  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Video blog posts
  • Curated content
  • Webinars
  • Case studies

3. Bottom of the Funnel

These visitors have now been transformed into potential leads; they fully understand the subject matter and can add value to what you write with their own knowledge. You can provide them with controversial content rather than informational to spark dialogue, debate, questions or the desire to further investigate.

The best types of content for the final stage are:

  • E-newsletters
  • Email marketing
  • High-quality, in-depth blog posts
  • Genuine, relevant case studies
  • Social media

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Understanding that every visitor is different will lead you down a road of success. You must recognise each stage a visitor will undergo and accommodate them with appropriate content and the knowledge they desire.

Keeping in mind that everyone’s business is different, results may vary on which types of content works best for you. Finding the right formula and assembling a content marketing strategy that will lead to sales, allows you to transform new visitors into leads, leads into prospects, and then finally achieve customers.

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Bio: Stephanie Furlan is currently the digital marketing intern for Atomic Reach, a content curation platform. She frequently contributes to the Atomic Reach blog, writing about content marketing, content curation, and social media. Also, she is the social media manager, sales and advertising coordinator, and an occasional writer for Paper Droids, an online magazine dedicated to geek girl culture.

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