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A properly designed web page is critical to your success. While a simple layout, easy navigation and effective keyword use are important, consider this one last specification: A well designed sign up form. “The sign up page is generally the most important barrier to conquer. If you can get it right, you’re on your way to growing your business at a much more accelerated rate,” according to

Your sign up page should be attractive, easy to find and effortless to fill out. Converting a casual visitor into a site member or email recipient will be integral to your success. Consider these three categories when designing or modifying your sign up option.

Make It Attractive

First things first, your customer needs to be attracted to your sign up page. While that sounds strange, it is in fact an important factor in completing step one of the sign up process: get the customer’s attention.

  • Give them a reason: You’ll need to persuade your users to sign up with you. Who needs another piece of spam mail – at least that’s what they’re thinking.  Put the benefits of signing up directly next to the information fields.

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  • Integrate your brand: Your branding – color, design, logo – is what your customer knows. Integrate this into the form by keeping with the same color scheme, putting a different twist on your logo, etc.
  • Offer something: Customers want to get something for being a loyal customer. For example, Netflix offers one free month.

Help Them Find It

If you want your customers to sign up, you can’t expect them to work for it. There are number of very simple placement tactics you can utilize to make this fool-proof.

  • On your launch page: They don’t have to look for it. It’s simple, fast, and there is nothing else to distract them.
  • In your sidebar area: Place your form in the upper right corner. This area draws significant attention.
  • Make it pop up: Make your form pop up when the customer enters your page. Design it so the background is faded out, making the form a main focus.

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Easy To Fill Out

Finally, you want the form to be easy. What the minimum amount of information you need from the customer? You can always have them provide further information upon confirming the signup from a link via your business newsletter, etc.

  • Only require email and password: This is easy for them, and you can get further information later.
  • No text to delete first: It’s annoying, and just one more reason for your customer to move on.
  • Large fields: Just another small touch that makes the user experience that much more seamless.

Creating a well designed sign up form is the final step in having an effective website. Yet, to be successful, you have to do it right. Making it simple, easy to find and attractive to your customers will break down the final barrier between you and the consumer.

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