Creating connection is a marketing activity

Posted by on March 5, 2009 in Marketing [ 0 Comments ]

When people think about marketing activities they usually think of tactics like having an ezine, direct mail, sending an email, networking, holding a teleseminar, and so on.

But I think the one marketing activity that weaves its way through all marketing tactics is the activity of creating connection.

Connection is the glue that holds together your marketing plan and really, your business.

If you are not building connection with your prospects, clients, affiliates, joint venture partners, peers, assistants, referral partners and vendors – then you’re not going to gain their like, trust and respect.

They won’t join your list, subscribe to your ezine or newsletter, buy your products, sign up for your teleclasses, attend your workshops, or become a member of your mastermind circle.

If people don’t feel a connection with you, they won’t tell other people about you, share their questions and concerns with you, invite you into their business via the telephone or email, want to partner with you or make joint ventures together.

So you see, creating connection is the number one marketing activity in my experience because everything else will follow from that connection.

Think about that the next time you sit down to craft a sales page, write an email, draft an outline of a new product, create a new service, write an article and any other marketing activity you do.  Focus on creating connection and you’ll do just fine!

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