Damned If I Know

Posted by on May 14, 2009 in Marketing [ 1 Comment ]

I shared a podium yesterday with Aldonna Ambler – an award winning entrepreneur and founder of TheGrowthStrategust.com. She has the BEST ADVICE for writing a business plan that I have ever heard. When you start, she said, keep it simple. Before you start answering the questions though she strongly recommended taking a pile of about 10 sticky notes or sticky mailing labels and write DAMNED IF I KNOW on each one. Just write as fast and as much as you can. You CAN DO THIS – it is your business, your dream, your passion. As you are quickly whipping through the questions – when you come to one you can’t answer just stick your Damned If I Know sticker on it and keep going, answering the questions that you can.

Once you finish all the questions with written answers or a Damned If I Know sticker, talk with your accountant or CFO, seek expert advice on the M3 Message board or talk with your coach to help you with those answers. Most of the Damned If I Know questions will probably be financial ones, and that’s OK. You will quickly complete you plan and be ready to learn from the reactions, questions and suggestions you get by showing it to others.

By the way, if you need more than your 10 Damned If I Know stickers you probably need to do more work on your basic business concept, target market and financials before you can move the plan to completion.

Believe in you.

One thought on “Damned If I Know

  1. avatarBetsy Brottlund

    This is such a great idea for us entrepreneurs that don’t follow through with an idea because of road blocks. It also forces us to think about what we don’t know and seek out third parties to help with the answer. Thanks for the post Nell.

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