Debating Your Time and Attendance Investment

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time and attendance softwareWith too much business software to wrap your mind around, the question remains, do you really need another program to run your business?

Well, time and attendance software is a valuable tool in a variety of ways. However, as with anything, there are pros and cons to consider. While easy scheduling and less payroll errors are attractive features, more work is never wanted.

So, before deciding whether time and attendance software is right for your business, it’s important that you take into consideration the benefits and drawbacks.

Yes: Avoid Payroll Errors

If you are a small business without an HR or payroll department, it’s time you get a program to handle it for you. Time and attendance software is perfect for the solo-preneur looking to DIY the process while the business grows.

  • Easily calculate paychecks – avoid errors in over-time hours, sick days and paid time off. Often times, these programs will also take into account taxes, insurance deductions and more, taking the entire process off your plate.

No: More Work is Never Good

Time and attendance software requires employees, and those in charge, to have a username and password for secure log ins. However, in a busy business, this sort of information can be misplaced or misused easily.

  • If your HR department is spending more time doling out new passwords or digging up information, than actually using the program, it’s not a worthwhile purchase. This will vary from business to business, so be sure you know your employees before making this decision.

Yes: Simple Scheduling

Scheduling can be a time consuming process. Getting everyone scheduled in for their shifts correctly, without overlap, all while making everyone happy is tough. Using time and attendance software, you can do this easily and ensure that there are no miscommunications with employees, either.

  • With easy schedule sharing and access, you can send it out when made and then ensure that your employees always have access to it, even outside of work. With login info, they can check their hours last minute from home. No more late or no-show excuses.

No: Time Theft May Not Be Solved

If your main reason for wanting time and attendance software is to rid your business of time theft, think again. While installing an on-premise hand scanner or time punch will be valuable, not every program automatically comes with this equipment.

  • Online programs, without the hardware, actually make it even easier for employees to fake time for one another. Simply exchange logins and they can log in hours without actually being present. This is dangerous for your business if time theft is already a problem.

While time and attendance software may seem unwarranted, some companies stand to gain a lot from the various features that come built in. As a small business owner it may be critical to saving time and money, however, without the proper equipment it may actually be ineffective. Be sure you know what your business needs before investing in this software for your business.

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