Demand for Internet Not Slowing Down

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As many businesses can attest to, much of their daily survival revolves around being able to access and utilize the Internet.

Keep in mind, however, the Internet has not been around that long, well, at least not until Al Gore supposedly discovered it.

CNNMoney senior writer Steve Hargreaves  points out in a recent post,  that the required electricity to power and cool the countless number of servers that make the Internet go has increased by more than 10 percent a year over the last decade (Some 2 percent of all the electricity used in the U.S.).

With Internet usage continuing to grow, part of a company’s online makeup should involve a strong social media presence, including sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

As a business, what is your Internet presence and has social marketing played a major role at your company or are you a tad green in this area?

When I come across businesses on a regular basis, I’m always quick to ask about their online marketing goals. Are they using the Internet to promote their business and/or buy and sell products? Do they use social media like Twitter and Facebook to reach out and start/continue a dialogue with potential and current customers? Do companies use social media to provide sales through things like coupons and deals?

Were you aware that Facebook alone has more than 500 million active users? That translates into individuals spending over 700 billion minutes per month on the site. Imagine if you could reach even a small percentage of them with a solid social media strategy? eMarketer reports that Facebook took in some $1.86 billion in ad revenue in 2010, so obviously many businesses feel the need to get their company’s profile out there.

While Twitter doesn’t publically say how many active followers it has, reports on the exact number vary, with several indicating the company has less than 21 million “active” users. If that is true, it should not come as a big shock; especially given the site was not created to overtake the more popular Facebook.

A good way for businesses to use Twitter is to post links to company sales and deals, retweet information regarding industry trends in that particular line of business and more. Given that Twitter is an instant way to connect individuals worldwide, why would your business not want to take advantage of this free means to advertise?

According to  The State of Small Business Report, tough economic times have proved to spur on social media’s quick rise in popularity.

The study points out that social media usage from small business owners grew from 12 percent to 24 percent over just the last year. Numbers show that a whopping 75 percent of small businesses sport a company page on a social networking site while nearly 70 percent post status updates or news pieces of interest on social media sites.

Image Credit: Network Solutions

The study goes on to report that given their effort, small businesses figured social media would assist them to stay in touch with customers.

For some 65 percent of small businesses that thought has proven true (as of June 2010), significantly up from 46 percent six months ago (Dec. 2009). These companies also believe that social media has increased awareness of their business and garnered new customers.

The bottom line is can you say with a lot of certainty that consumers are aware of your business?

If the answer is no, it is definitely time to be more social.

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