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jump-inAre you an online advertising newbie? Well, the good news is, you have a lot of options with where, what and how you advertise in 2011. The bad news is, with so many options, online marketing can get a bit complicated. Don’t get discouraged because understanding the newest trends with digital advertising will put you ahead of the game, eMarketer projects a, “10.5% increase in US online ad spending next year, followed by double-digit growth every year through 2014 when spending will reach $40.5 billion.” Whether you are looking to optimize your search engine ad campaign or for new advertising channels, you should understand the basics of digital advertising in 2011.

Video Advertising
Perhaps one of the most promising digital advertising mediums is video. According to eMarketer, “in 2011, 68.2% of US internet users, or 158.1 million people, will be watching video online at least once a month. By 2015, 76% of the internet audience, or 195.5 million people, will be viewing video regularly online.” Video is a still a new way to advertise, but unfortunately, video ad spending is still dominated by big business. However, small businesses understand video content doesn’t necessarily have to drive users to the site to be effective, according to a WebVisible report, “26% of small business advertisers used video on their home page (or landing page), up from 19% the year before. Not only that, but views of those videos are up as well–a whopping 85% increase over 2009′s numbers.”

Search Engine
Paid search is still growing, according to the same WebVisible report, “the average small business spent $2,126 on search ads in Q4 of 2010. They’re getting savvier too, because their keyword lists are growing–the average list was 87 words, up 30% from the 4th quarter of 2009.” The first thing you should do is establishing a set of keywords. These will remain consistent throughout your campaign so make sure the keywords are consumer oriented and non-competitive. Some things to note for your pay per click advertising strategy are:

Thinking Locally
Target local keywords, and establish your local listing pages on Google and Bing. Even if your business doesn’t seem local, you should understand the geo-targeting opportunities available to you.

Creating Engaging Content
Having an engaging headline and subtext within your paid ad can help optimize your efforts. You are trying to balance both effective keywords usage and captivating content.

Try Social Media Ads
Although Facebook isn’t “search” we included it because it offers such a unique platform for online advertising. The ability to target users based on their “likes” and “interests” is distinctive. Whether or not you think Facebook will work for your paid search efforts, keep it in mind as a viable alternative to Google Adwords.

Twitter also has a promoted tweet feature, and it seems to be taking off.  Companies like Starbucks and American Express were some of the first to do this.  According to SPARXOO, “As a response to this growing user base and Twitter’s brand-friendly ad platform, the number of Inc 500 companies using Twitter has increased from 52 percent in 2009 to nearly 60 percent in 2010 and of those companies on Twitter, 81 percent considered the social network a successful marketing tool in 2010.”

Mobile Ads
Google recently forecasts $1 billion revenue from AdMob, a platform for hosting mobile application ads. However, the market is still viable for mobile web, according to a survey conducted by the Association of National Advertisers, “a whopping 88 percent of advertisers plan to be active in mobile in 2011—up from 62 percent last year. Three quarters of brands plan to significantly increase their mobile ad spending. On average, respondents said they plan to spend 59 percent more than they did on mobile in 2010.” It’s undeniable how fast the market for mobile advertising is growing, but it is all about knowing where to invest. Everything from investing in application advertising to mobile friendly banner ads on the web; do your homework and understand, a solid mobile strategy may grow in to sustainable profits for your business.

Digital advertising is changing. Interactive, convenient content is replacing traditional picture based banner images. Search engine marketers are focusing on niche communities and thinking local. Should you invest money in digital advertising in 2011, mobile, search, and video is where you should be thinking.

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