Direct Mail Marketing: Eye-Catching Messages

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direct mail marketingCreating a direct mail flier that doesn’t immediately end up in the garbage is a bit of a challenge. B2B mailings, government campaign letters and grocery store ads are just a few of the regular direct mail messages that can end up in your mailbox.

With a constant stream of direct mail messages landing in private and business mailboxes, it can be hard to stand out so here are 7 quick tips on creating an eye-catching direct mail marketing message.

7 Eye-Catching Direct Mail Ideas

1. Look great on paper. Your direct mail marketing efforts are a reflection of your brand. Make sure your logo and any constant design themes are present. If you’re Apple, having the Apple logo and simplistic design is direct branding. Stick with your brand and make your company look great on paper.

2. Choose the right medium. What will be most effective for your business, such as a brochure or a simple one sheet flyer, is dependent on your industry. However, make sure your message is on professional-grade paper and is of high-quality. Die cuts, the right font choice, and a glossy or matte finish can help you stand out.

3. Have a CTA. If you lack an effective call to action (CTA) or if it’s non-existent, it’s time for an improvement. Encourage everyone who comes across your direct mail message to try a product, visit your site, clip the coupon, enter the contest, etc. to keep them moving down the conversion funnel.

4. Write effective copy. Appeal to your audience’s emotions. Similar to cold calling, you want to appeal to your potential customer’s personality before you pitch. Your copy should do the same thing. Your product’s features and benefits should be written for your target audience. And don’t forget to check for grammar errors.

5. Be creative, yet concise. This applies to both your design and your content. Being creative with word choice is quite alright, as long as the message still comes through clearly. You don’t want to confuse your audience because your right brain took over and ignored the left side’s input, and vice versa. Balance design and copy for a successful final product.

6. Choose the right printer. If you lack experience in direct mail marketing or don’t have the best printers for your brochures and fliers, you need to outsource. An experienced printer service can provide insight into design and strategy. The printer may also be able to provide education on what is effective and what isn’t.

7.  Follow up and integrate. Follow up your first direct mail marketing effort with a second. You can also follow up by using similarly designed and worded email marketing campaigns. Integrate your direct mail designs and copy into your blog, website, and social media accounts.

When you use direct mail marketing, you don’t know who is actually looking at your messages or who is throwing them straight into the trash. Stand out from the crowd with a well thought out design and strategy. Consider who your target audience is and create a direct mail campaign that appeals to them. Leave an impression with an effective message and design that grabs readers’ attention and encourages them to take the next step.

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6 thoughts on “Direct Mail Marketing: Eye-Catching Messages

  1. avatarJerry

    Great advice in the article. One thing I would like to add is to have a great offer. Many small business owners make an offer that is good for them, but mediocre for the customer. Must think lifetime value of a customer and not how much you mcan make short-term.

  2. avatarJessica Sanders

    Jerry – We couldn’t agree more! Adding value to your customer is the best way to be effective in your efforts. Thanks for checking out the post!

  3. avatarDirect Mailing

    This was something new. Interesting suggestions regarding Creating a direct mail. Well, the next time im trying to create one, ill be trying out these ideas. Good work here.

  4. avatarSteve Klinghoffer

    Number 4 is a great point. In order to be effective the copy needs to be engaging and informative. The copywriter needs to be familiar with the niche and the industry. If the message doesn’t resonate it will be ignored.

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