Marketing Fun Friday: Diversifying Your Content For Greater Reach

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Diversifying Marketing ContentAlthough search engines have only recently come to understand the importance of quality content in terms of website value, marketers have always known that finding different ways to reach customers is good strategy.

In a post-Panda internet, you need to utilize a variety of channels to reach your customers –  social media, websites, mobile advertising, apps, and more.

The more channels you use to reach a customer, the more valuable that customer will be:  20-60% more valuable for two channels, and 60-125% more valuable for three channels (DMA). (Tweet this stat!)

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You also need to diversify the types of content that you use: not only textual content, but visual, video, and interactive content as well. The most successful online brands use a variety of methods and content types to draw in high volumes of quality customers.

Written Content

The type of content that your business is probably most used to producing is written content – from press releases, to marketing copy, to the information posted on your company website. There are a number of ways that you can utilize your writing skills to create varying kinds of content.

  • Blogs: If your company doesn’t already run a blog, start one. 93 percent of marketers are planning to allocate more resources to building out their websites and blog content this year. (Tweet this stat!)
  • Whitepapers and Ebooks: Higher-end content like whitepapers provide customers with valuable resources and information. Producing this content gives your company greater authority and helps build trust with the customer.

Visual Content

The internet is becoming more and more visual. In response to the news that 50% of all content posted on Facebook is visual, the social network is changing its news feed to place a greater emphasis on images. Be sure to populate your social networks with:

  • Photos: Whether they’re of your products, your employees, or your business, be sure to post interesting and engaging photos on a regular basis.
  • Infographics: The wild popularity of infographics is based on their ability to condense data into an easy to read and understand format. Produce your own infographics and repost industry-related imagery to add value to your online presence.

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Interactive Content

Don’t forget to expand into more complex types of content that can produce high levels of viewer engagement, such as:

  • Video: According to Facebook, photos and videos can produce up to 120% more engagement than text posts. (Tweet this stat!)
  • Utilize social networks and YouTube to distribute videos that brand your business and engage customers. 46% of people are more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video (Eloqua).
  • Podcasts: Record an audio file – an interview, discussion, etc – that customers can stream online or download to their music player to listen to on the go.
  • Webinars: Webinars help your business to provide quality content at varying levels, of which webinars and other educational types of content inhabit the higher end – producing high value for business-to-business marketers especially. For example,  niche social network Slideshare gets more than 60 million visits and 120 million page views per month. 23% of B2B marketers use the site, and C-level executives use it 40% more than they use Linkedin (Content Marketing Institute).

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Expanding your reach online is a strategy composed of two tactics: utilizing diverse platforms to reach customers, and producing diverse content. Be sure to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded by social networks, the mobile web, online marketing, YouTube, and various other tools in order to distribute branded content that is valuable to your potential customers. This content should exist in multiple formats and appeal to a variety of visitors.

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