Do We Love to Hate Big Business?

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money-toilet-paperSuperbowl XLV was riddled with big business spending. Corporations dedicate months of planning for 30 seconds. Is investing millions of dollars into 30 seconds of TV exposure too much? Small businesses who just don’t have the budgets to invest in massive marketing campaigns seem to think so, but as it turns out maybe we as consumers do too. We all love the baby commercials, but according to a Gallup Poll, America wants less influence from big business.

“The large majority of Americans (62%) want major corporations to have less influence in the United States,” reports a Gallup Poll.  Americans are unhappy with the power of some of these corporations.  It seems the tide will turn for small businesses struggling to gain respect. With more value placed on social responsibility, the corporate landscape is shifting. The world is not simply about money and payroll services anymore, there are large groups of people who have different motivations. According to the  same Gallup Poll, “67% of Americans are dissatisfied with the size and influence of major corporations in the country today, the highest level since Gallup first asked this question in 2001.”

Is It SMB’s Time To Pounce?

According to the SMBs Plans for 2011:

  • 89% of small to midsized businesses believe their business will grow or remain the same in 2011.
  • 72% believe the economic outlook for the next 12 months will improve or remain the same.
  • 84% of SMBs believe that sales will increase or remain the same in the next year.

If the time is now for small businesses, it’s time to include some thought in implementing the latest business tools in your marketing plans. Think about mobile and social as they might provide your small business with important insight into what you are doing right and wrong, and also improve brand loyalty.

Are Large Corporations Here to Stay?

Lets face it.  Large corporations will always be around and rightfully so. Many of them produce millions of jobs and give back to the community. Without them, we may pay a premium for all the goods and services we desire. However, there are always two sides.  According to the Washington Post, “Fifteen million Americans are out of work, thanks in part to reckless Wall Street activities. Yet corporate profits are at record highs, companies are sitting on vast amounts of cash, and, after a tough two years, business interests are again atop the Washington power structure. This return of corporate power comes in part because the revolving door between government influence and corporate paydays has begun to turn anew. Even President Obama has submitted to its centrifugal force.”

Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of large corporations, they are here right now to stay. On the other hand, if you’re a small business owner and can’t afford Superbowl Advertising, you still have the power to grow leaps and bounds. Now is the time.

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One thought on “Do We Love to Hate Big Business?

  1. avatarAffiliate Toolbox

    I don’t see a need to juxtapose “big business” vs. “small business” Each has an important role to play in our society. What we should want right now is for both to be making maximum profits right now to begin to eliminate some of the massive unemployment that currently exists. That can be accomplished by reducing federal legislation that is retarding the potential growth. Both of them are necessary and both contribute significantly to the economy.

    The small businesses supply important services to local communities or make widgets that supply the bigger businesses. When the small ones do a great job they generally get purchased by the bigger ones so that their products can made more widely available. Demanding excessive control of “big business” makes them draw back and keep their profits instead of supporting their smaller suppliers. That is a formula for destroying our economy.

    The real problem is excessive “governmental regulation.” Get the Fed to stop printing money and get them out of the private sector pockets and this country is industrious enough to do some amazing things. We don’t need cradle to grave entitlements! (Rant off)

    Michael Brown

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