Do You Have a Squeaky Online Shopping Cart?

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online shopping cartFor any online business with a product line, a shopping cart is essential. But if you think every shopping cart performs the same, you might be wasting time and losing money.

For maximum sales, productivity, and efficiency, you need an outstanding shopping cart system.

While all shopping carts exist for the same reason, whether online or at the grocery store, some outperform others. We’ve all gotten the cart with the bad wheel that made navigating difficult and turned an easy process into a bothersome one.

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The same is true for sub-par carts online, if it doesn’t perform as well as it could, it can make the process difficult. The only difference is, when you’re at the grocery store you can easily replace your bum cart for a working one, but the same cannot be said for the customers visiting your eCommerce site.

If you have an alright cart at best, your customers are stuck with it and might leave due to the difficulty of the transaction. If your eCommerce site is equipped with an outstanding shopping cart system, your customers won’t find themselves backing out mid transaction due to a bum cart.

Consolidating the Process

When there are a number of tasks to be delegated, as there are with the online purchase process, it is best to consolidate. When one piece of software can perform multiple tasks and do so accurately, the excess software and programs can be removed.

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If your shopping cart can only perform a few tasks you are left to assign the remaining work to either yourself, a third party software, or someone else that has been added to the payroll. Ultimately, consolidation leads to a smoother running business with more time and money. When you have less to manage, you have less to do and less to worry about.

Don’t Forget to Be Human

When customers are on your site and browsing your product line, you have already put the necessary elements in place prompting them to buy; but awesome products, persuasive copy and great prices aren’t going to make every sale for you.

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An outstanding shopping cart does what you would do if you were standing over your customer’s shoulder as they made the decision to buy or not to buy. It can act like a sales clerk by:

  • Making a suggestion to your customer
  • Highlighting items complimentary to the ones they have already shown interest in
  • Provide them with service that makes them confident in their purchase.

An outstanding shopping cart system will be able to keep track of a customer’s activity while on your site and use that information to help further secure the sale. 

It needs to be stressed that an outstanding shopping cart system can significantly benefit you and your eCommerce site. By outperforming the carts found on your competition’s site, consolidating the process, and providing your customers with excellent service your business will experience a substantial boost in productivity, a hassle free selling method, and an increase in overall volume of sales.

Bio: Internet multi-millionaire Tom Antion has been selling online since the commercial web started around 1994. Besides selling his own products, he mentors other small business owners to help them improve their web based sales.

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