Do You Need to Have a Marketing Mindset Adjustment?

Posted by on August 15, 2008 in Business Management, Marketing [ 0 Comments ]

I talked in my last blog post about the importance your marketing mindset/attitude has on your success. Whether your mindset about marketing is negative, positive or most likely a little of both, I’ve found that an “adjustment” is essential every now and then.

Many of us feel that we have a “good enough” attitude towards marketing and selling our services and ourselves. However, take a look at some of the following statements and see how many have crossed your mind or passed your lips:

  • I’m not smart enough to learn that
  • My business isn’t very special
  • Who am I to think people will want to listen to me
  • I won’t be able to figure it out
  • I doubt that I’ll be a very big success
  • It’s too hard to market
  • I don’t think I’m going to make enough money
  • I’m not a good enough speaker, writer (fill in the blank)
  • People won’t like my offerings
  • I don’t want to be a pest
  • There are already people doing this and they’re better than me
  • I can’t sell
  • There isn’t enough time to market my business

Some of these thoughts aren’t necessarily specifically about marketing, but they can still affect how we view marketing and perform marketing tasks.

The cause of negative beliefs can come from different directions: other people’s opinions and actions, a bad experience, the media, and so on. It doesn’t really matter where or how these beliefs originated.

What is important is that you learn to recognize when you’re thinking a limiting belief about yourself, your services, your products or your business. You need to realize that this is affecting your willingness and ability to market.

Try using positive affirmations and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

It really doesn’t matter what your past conditioning and experiences are, or even how understandable your issues with promoting yourself are. You need to ensure that what you think and say about marketing is positive and supportive of yourself and your vision – or you’re going to have difficulty making your business a success.

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