Does America Need Faster Mobile Networks?

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super-fast-internet-the-gridThe onslaught of mobile media has caused wireless enterprise carriers to rethink the infrastructure of cell towers. On the backs of mobile video, mobile data traffic will be growing at substantial rates, presenting major issues for under prepared networks. According to Cisco, we are already seeing exponential growth in mobile data, “Global mobile data traffic increased 159 percent from calendar year 2009 to calendar year 2010.”  We are already seeing demand for connectivity weigh heavily on the supply for broadband data. Smartphone data rates are slowing and the “3G” and “4G” networked devices are seemingly fighting for data on the network.

Network IT infrastructure must be revamped soon, to prevent a tragic plateau of capability in conjunction with rapid mobile innovation. According to Network World, “Serious traffic overloads are increasingly choking mobile networks as more smartphones and other handhelds come online. Operators must quickly find new ways to economically increase capacity and extend network coverage. Brute force network expansion, requiring a doubling of 3G/4G capacity, isn’t an option. As more reliable forms of Wi-Fi are proven to handle offload of data traffic from 3G networks, operators are taking a more strategic view of the technology.” Instead of just increasing the capacity mobile operators are brainstorming new ways to manage the capacity at hand.

Mobile developers are everywhere, focusing on new ways to use mobile broadband to offer a service for smartphone users. With this innovation, more and more people are using mobile broadband and subscribing to unlimited data plans. The carriers need rapid innovation and superior tools to deploy a cellular network that will stand the test of time.

This is a warning sign of the impending mobile takeover. The mobile market has begun to boom as of late, and we believe that getting involved in mobile innovation is a strategic long-term plan for businesses. Whether it is mobile marketing, app development or online mobile SEO, make sure that your small business is one step ahead of the “mobile boom.” The faster your business jumps in to the mobile market the quicker you will be able to set up strategies for future growth.

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