E-mail Marketing Looking Good for 2010

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With only a few more days in 2009, many bloggers are making their predictions for 2010 and/or rounding up what happened this year in 2009. According to DM News and other online resources e-mail marketing made a major impact in 2009 due in part of how cost-efficient it is and predicts 2010 will still see a growth for this marketing strategy.

According to a study done by Epsilon email open rates increased 11% from Q308 to Q309. They went on to report that the click rates increased 5.9% as well. These are great numbers to consider when deciding if an email campaign will benefit your company in 2010.

So why the sudden increase in email effectiveness? Some would say this in part to the popularity of smart phones and other devices making it much easier to gain access to email wherever they are. People are no longer tied down to their computer to gain access to email and the internet, opening the door for online marketers to catch you wherever you go.

Diane Dilworth of DM News has this to say in her report of e-mail marketing in 2010, “I think that we will see more investment in e-mail programs in 2010, not just for campaigns and promotions, but also for fully developed CRM programs, as marketers look more at retaining long term customers.”

A quick tip to remember when starting an email marketing campaign is to weed out the contacts in your lists that aren’t responding or clicking through your email. It doesn’t make sense to keep contacts that aren’t interested anymore in your product or service. UnBound Technologies and Rapleaf Inc. both have software programs that will look over your lists and decide who are active in social networking and which networks they are on.

Another aspect to consider for your email marketing campaign is to keep things short, sweet, and to the point. Experts are predicting that simplicity will be key for web designers in 2010 so why not do the same for your emails. Keep your email short and cut out the “fluff”. Try not to put too many pictures or flash files in your email. Long loading times could make or break a potential client or customer.

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