Earthquake, Hurricane Irene Visit East Coast; Tweeting and Sharing Experiences

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It is another sunny, 75-degree day here in San Diego. As I look out my office window, there is not a cloud in the sky. Yes, such is the life in America’s Finest City.

When I moved here 16 years ago from the East Coast, I was departing family, friends, familiar surroundings and the change of seasons.

Some people told me I’d be back to my roots to live again in 6 months or less, figuring I’d miss out on all I knew for three decades. Well, I have been back, but the longest stay was a week for vacation.

As I sat watching the news this week of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virginia reverberating all the way up into Canada, and now Hurricane Irene forecast to potentially be one of the worst storms the East Coast has ever seen, I reassure myself I made the right decision 16 years ago.

While I certainly do have concerns for family and friends back that way, I know that I’m relatively safe here in America’s most populous state; albeit maybe for a road rage incident or two (I don’t take kindly to being cut off).

Tuesday’s earthquake and this weekend’s hurricane also remind me of how things have changed technologically in just my lifetime (I’m not that old!).

As a college student back in 1985 when Hurricane Gloria rambled her way up the East Coast and hit us with torrential rains and hurricane force winds, we did not have cell phones or Twitter and Facebook to communicate with the outside world. Instead, it was the old push-button phone and relying on television to get updated information on the storm.

I have lived through a hurricane, a number of blizzards, and several floods, only to see how our communication methods have changed.

During Tuesday’s earthquake, workers in Washington, D.C., New York City and other impacted cities were sharing, tweeting and texting their experiences to loved ones and friends. I suspect as Irene visits the East Coast this weekend, thousands upon thousands of Americans in her path will be doing likewise.

Not to date myself, but I was introduced to electric typewriters when I went to high school; there was even a required course that we had to take. As fate would have it, that course would eventually help me in my journalism career reach speeds of 60 mph.

As I sit back this weekend at the beach in sunny Southern California, I will undoubtedly be watching the news unfold online via Twitter, CNN, FOX News, etc. Yes, I’m a fan of the live streams and will be looking for reporters holding on to anything they can as they broadcast live over the Internet from North Carolina up to the Mid-Atlantic States.

In closing, anyone in the path of Irene be safe and don’t do anything foolish like trying to catch some big waves while surfing, picture taking or tweeting.

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