Email Marketing: Simple and Cost Effective

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email marketingToday’s businesses rely more on the Internet for information, communication and advertising than ever before.  It has become a powerful medium utilized by people all over the globe.

Nearly everyone who owns electronics with the ability to connect to the Internet can share data and messages with anyone around the world. Knowing this, every business makes promoting its services and products online a top priority. This can be done through many different means, like social media platforms, email marketing, and mobile marketing campaigns.  Best of all: it is simple and affordable.

Do Customers Prefer Email Marketing?

Of online consumers age 15 and up, 77% report that email is the preferred mode of permission-based promotions, according to ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey. This makes email marketing an efficient method of promoting services and products.  Advertise to the people who are eager to learn more about your offers such as customers who already are aware and invested in the products and services your business offers.

Is Email Marketing Cost Effective?

Promotional emails are associated with little cost but aid in the financial growth of a business.  Fewer businesses are outsourcing their email marketing campaigns and moving toward building their own list of contacts.  Keep in mind; an organized database that allows for easily distinguished markets makes the campaign easier to manage. But be sure to update the list on a regular basis to ensure each email sent reaches its maximum potential for generating additional business and sales.

While email marketing does require the time to create a professional-looking message, there are tips on how to write effective and professional email marketing copy that you can follow.  Best of all, email marketing is cost-effective and much more affordable than an elaborate marketing campaign.

So How Does Email Marketing Work? 

There are a variety of reasons behind the success of this method of promoting a business.  Email marketing allows targeting and direct sales. Email marketing systems are so fined-tuned that outgoing messages are customized for individual recipients based on their recent searches on the businesses website.  In a nutshell, email marketing helps drive business.

  • As you send emails, continue to evaluate their content. Consider the verbiage and imagery that garnered the best open rates and forwards, and which promotion resulted in the biggest stir.  Use the information you learn and apply it to future marketing efforts to have a better email open rate success.

Does Email Marketing Create Customer Retention?

Email marketing allows you to stay in contact with current customers and potential clients; this is a method of relational marketing.   Feeling connected is something people love; it provides a sense of security and trust. Sending out regular emails will make customers feel connected to your business, which draws them back time and time again for repeat business:  direct marketing builds customer loyalty.

  • Encourage customer retention by putting out weekly emails about business news updates and current specials.  Instead of sending out expensive mail that is tossed into the recycle bin, send out emails that the customers can easily and quickly scan for discounts they will be likely to put to use.

Email is an excellent marketing tool that gives insight about your customers and promotes more informed business and marketing decisions. This form of direct marketing is a simple, cutting edge way to put your products and services in your customers’ minds.

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