Empower Your Sales Staff with CRM Call Center Software

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It doesn’t matter if your business is a Fortune 500 company or a startup, understanding your customers is crucial to long term growth. Tools that help your business understand its customer and provide resources for customer service come in many different forms. Whether you are using social media, CRM or market research, you should employ tools to understand and optimize your customer service strategy. According to a BIGresearch study, most customers will put customer service ahead of price in their purchasing decision. So for many startup businesses a key competitive advantage must be your customer service.

This where call center software comes can help, a functional, relatively inexpensive application that can provide your business with improvements in phone-based customer care. According to a Syntellect study on ways a customers can contact a business, phone is obviously the most popular method for contact, with 83% of people surveyed preferring to contact a business via phone over email or other channel. Getting to know your customer via phone can foster long term relationships, here are the 3 ways your startup can benefit from call center software technology.

1. Refining Your Customer Service Strategy
Your customer care center will work in tandem with your call center software to create synergies in your customer service department. One of the biggest advantages to this software is its ability to collaborate with your customer history. For instance, say you get calls from a long time customer on a monthly basis. Call center software can be set to display “screen pops,” which allow the agent instant information as soon as the call is answered, reducing call times and customer satisfaction. Screen pops can be customized but most commonly will include customer purchase and return data on every inbound call. We all know that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, being prepared to cater to your most important customers can set your business apart.

It doesn’t matter if you are making inbound or outbound phone calls providing customers and perspective clients with the right answers, faster can really streamline your sales efforts.

2. More Customer Information for Strategic Decisions
Your startup business needs as much information as possible. Since you are likely still in the infancy stage of your product development, just knowing basic customer issues and feedback is priceless. Call center software can provide detailed reports from your customer service and sales team. Whether you are looking to sternly manage your employees or just understand your business more, transparent data regarding your call center optimizes your telemarketing strategies and customer care efforts

Call center management is just as important, if not more as many other segments in your startup, according to a Loudhouse Research study, “The need to integrate call center data with online customer service is a primary focus for the next 12 months, with 54 percent of decision makers citing this as a key challenge for the year ahead.” Receiving data on your sales team’s cross-sell rate and revenue per call are just a few of the metrics call center software can report on.

3. Improve Work Staff Efficiency
Improved reporting gives your business tools to better allocate your employees. Many small businesses are finding that specialization of tasks allows them to get the “most” out of their employees, making them happier in the process. Employees who juggle a wide variety of tasks are at times less efficient that masters of their own craft. This is something in which many small businesses learn to find. Applications like computer telephony integration and interactive voice response can route calls to specific people based on their expertise.

With many small businesses and startups it’s tough to know where to invest, but many are finding that improving customer service is a beneficial long-term strategy. Whether you are looking for basic routing software or interactive reporting tools for your phone system, call center software is your answer.

Making sure you understand what to ask before talking with business phone systems vendors is always important.

3 thoughts on “Empower Your Sales Staff with CRM Call Center Software

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  2. avatarbrett graffin

    This is the type of inovation that is revolutionizing the small office telephone system, making it more powerful and more affordable for small businesses.

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