Facebook is Noisy: 4 Strategies for Communicating with Your Fans

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facebook strategies for small businessesThere’s no question that social media has been steadily growing in use and popularity over the past several years, and the place of social media platforms in business is now firmly solidified. With social media so ubiquitous and the cost of advertising free, there’s no wonder it’s a popular marketing choice for small businesses. In fact, about 90% of SMBs currently use, or soon plan to use, social media (tweet this stat).

One of the top social media platforms is Facebook, which boasts 1.3 billion+ monthly active users and 20 million small businesses users. The demographic for Facebook is diverse and far-reaching, skewing slightly older than other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Along with its diverse users is its diverse content; users can post a wide variety of types of content, from text to photos to video to polls. All in all, Facebook remains a great marketing prospect for many small businesses. Here are 4 strategies you can use to help your business succeed through Facebook.

1) Have an attractive and informative page

While users don’t have nearly as much design freedom with a Facebook page as with a personal website, it’s still possible make your page stand out. Add interesting and appropriate profile and cover photos, write an informative and concise summary of your business, and make sure that all contact information is current. When people can quickly tell exactly what your business is about from your page and instantly see good content, they’ll be more likely to remember your page and come back for more.

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2) Publish the right mix of posts

Your posts shouldn’t focus too heavily on self-promotion. Try sharing a variety of content that relates to your business and target audience. A personal and conversational tone keeps readers interested. Also, try mixing up the kind of posts you publish; for example, people respond well to photos, and polls will get customers involved.

3) Manage your Facebook page in conjunction with your business’s other social media platforms

Raise awareness for your Facebook business page by linking to it from your business Twitter page, blog, weekly emails, and website. Connect your social media pages together by occasionally linking from one to another, but be careful not to make your Facebook statuses just a repetition for your Twitter page. People expect at least somewhat unique content on different social media sites, and you don’t need to be dealing with redundant marketing.

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4) Interact with your customers

This is one of the most important things for a small business owner to keep in mind when interacting on any social media platform. Readers want to know that you, as a small business, care about their thoughts and their experiences with your business. Respond in a timely manner to questions. Give reader-focused tips and provide interactive content (such as posts with posed questions to your readers) in order to promote page activity.

Facebook remains the top social media platform for online users, and it’s a business opportunity that SMB owners can’t afford to ignore. By taking these simple strategies into account, you’ll be well on your way to running a successful Facebook page for your business.

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