Fast Marketing You Can Do in a Few Minutes

Posted by on November 26, 2008 in Marketing [ 3 Comments ]

Marketing consists of longer-term, big marketing strategies and also small, quick tactics.  Marketing should be done daily – but no-one said it has to take hours every day!

Maybe you’re having a “blah” day and don’t feel like doing much?  Pick a handful of these fast and easy marketing tactics, do them and then go read your fiction novel!

  • check out competitor’s websites and see what kinds of products and services they’re offering their clients
  • send a response to a client’s question that was sent in via website, blog, email, phone message, etc.
  • send out an email to your list just to say hi and give them a couple valuable tips or some interesting, helpful links
  • check out different groups on Facebook and Yahoo Groups that you might join
  • call or send an email to a customer who has just purchased something from your website.  Say thank you and ask them if they need any questions answered or anything clarified
  • if you’re offering a teleseminar, give enough advance notice and send reminder emails providing the pertinent details
  • check out a company’s website that you are interested in possibly doing a joint venture with
  • put a link on your Facebook profile to your new ebook
  • send out a press release talking about the teleclass that you’re going to be giving
  • send a friendly reminder email to remind people that your special promotion is ending today
  • call a new client to find out if they have any questions on their recent purchase
  • send an article, with a note, to a client you know is interested in the topic
  • order a thank you gift, on the web or by phone, to be sent to someone who just referred a client to you
  • submit an article you’ve written to an article directory website
  • send a handwritten note to someone you met recently – and make a note in your calendar to follow up with them in one month
  • write up something for your blog and post it
  • record a podcast of an article you just wrote and submit to podcast directories

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3 thoughts on “Fast Marketing You Can Do in a Few Minutes

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  2. avatarJody Gabourie

    Well, I guess that great minds think alike because I never saw the CNN article or post! I have written several articles (check out my website and blog) on fast marketing people can do – as I want to get people into action and not see marketing as something arduous and necessarily time-consuming.

    Maybe CNN copied me!

    Happy holidays!
    Jody Gabourie

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