Finding the Best SEO Provider for You – Part 2

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SEO providerLast Friday we gave you Part 1 of how to choose the best SEO provider for your business, and now we’re excited to bring you Part 2.

If you need a refresher, you can check out Part 1, one more time.

Choosing an SEO provider is no small task for any business, but it can be especially tricky for site owners that don’t know much about SEO to begin with. How can you interview a potential partner if you don’t know the questions you’re supposed to ask or the answers you should get?

Here are the final three questions to ask yourself when looking for an SEO provider:

3. Are they willing to teach you?

In my experience, an educated website owner almost always turns out to be a better client. When you know a little bit about SEO you know how to leverage things internally to help your own efforts even as your SEO company is working on your behalf. If you have questions or concerns, a white hat SEO provider should have no problem guiding you through the process. Obviously you can’t expect them to answer the phone at 10:30 at night, but it shouldn’t take hours or even days of chasing to get an answer. The best SEO firms are also willing to teach the rest of your company as well. Do you have an in-house PR person or work with a PR agency? A good SEO partner shouldn’t mind spending an hour or so explaining how SEO and PR fit together and how PR can be used to build links and improve your search presence.

4. Will you have a dedicated SEO specialist?

Some larger SEO companies have a bigger turnover, so you might find yourself working with several account representatives throughout the course of your partnership. Some site owners don’t mind, but if you want a dedicated SEO specialist that is going to stick with you from start to finish of your campaign than be sure the firm you are working with can guarantee that. You’re going to be working a lot with this person, so it needs to be someone you feel comfortable with and trust.

5. Can they provide client references?

And when I say client references, I mean actual clients that are willing to put their real name and company down. A review from John S. (no website) might not actually be fake but it shouldn’t be that hard for a good SEO company to get a few of their clients to leave testimonials or reviews. Most SEO providers are proud to showcase the work they have done for former and current clients, so they might have a case study or two as well.

Above all else, if you come across an SEO firm that can guarantee you results then RUN THE OTHER WAY. No SEO firm can guarantee anything. Remember, it’s your site and your business in the balance. If your SEO partner does a crummy job and your website gets hit with a search engine penalty because of their efforts you are left to clean up the mess.

Also know that you don’t always have to work with the largest or most expensive firm to get great results. Find a company that works well with yours and will treat you as a partner, not just another client.

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Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a full-service SEO and social media marketing management company. With 13 years in the industry, Nick Stamoulis shares his knowledge by writing in the Brick Marketing Blog and publishing the Brick Marketing SEO Newsletter, which goes out to over a 150,000 opt-in subscribers. 

5 thoughts on “Finding the Best SEO Provider for You – Part 2

  1. avatarOMG Greg

    Nick, SEO is the most important thing for a business these days, being on the 1st page is lucrative and so it having real reviews from real customers. Not hard to get, just ask your customers to review their experience on Yelp or your G+ page.

  2. avatarMichael Talburt

    Great emphasis for this second part of your previous blog about finding the best SEO Provider. As an SEO Services Provider, the attitude of my groupmates are very important. Coz the quality of work as a whole depends on the type of person you work with. NO matter how hardworking you are and making the website on its top ranking, we could fail if in your team, you’re not giving the same amount of effort to make it happen.

  3. avatarJessica Sanders

    Absolutely – it’s important that everyone is giving their all in terms of working toward an SEO goal. Do you have any other suggestions for finding the best provider?

  4. avatarTony Prada

    I like it when you say “if an SEO firm guarantees you results then RUN THE OTHER WAY.” This is so true, SEO takes time and it unpredictable. But with the right company at your side, the results are unmeasurable.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. avatarErica Bell

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for reading. SEO definitely takes work and time. There is no 100% guarantee.

    – Erica

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