First Microsoft app for Google Android

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If you have an Android you’re in for a special treat. As of this month, Microsoft introduces “Tag” the latest application created for the Android. Android is among the last smartphones to receive the Tag application which is available on Windows phones, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian handsets.

The Tag app utilizes a custom tag similar to a barcode that serves as a coupon that instantly links users to websites, videos, music, social networks, deliver information, and more. The process is rather simple – scan the tag with camera on your Android phone and there it is. Essentially, this bit of technology saves time from gathering the URL on your mobile.

Although Microsoft and Google are considered competitors in terms of smartphones, Microsoft appears adamant with a truce by docking a generous amount of its apps onto Google Android.

Microsoft seems affixed on distributing the technology on a wide scale, despite the possibility of leveraging a rival smartphone OS. In the latter half of 2008 Microsoft produced its first iPhone app, called Seadragon, preceded by the release of Tag for the Apple handset in early 2009.

In February, a few of the world’s largest mobile phone networks assembled together to form the Wholesale Applications Community. The objective of the formation is to make it simpler for application developers to manufacture and sell phone applications.

It is widely seen as a move by operators to wrest control of the lucrative apps market away from software firms and phone makers.

Similarly, as we saw with the iPhone, Microsoft has no difficulties getting its technological advances identified, consequently, even if it means employing rival platforms. Aside from Android and iPhone, Tag is also compatible with Windows Mobile, J2ME, Blackberry and Symbian S60 phones. Tag is currently available for Android as a free app.

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