Forget the Web, Think Memorable Offline Advertising

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Forget online marketing. Everybody and their mothers are competing with search and social media these days. Sure, it’s important to drive traffic to a web site, but there is value in thinking “out of the box” and creating unique offline promotions for your business. Whether it is direct mail, QR codes, or promotional advertising, doing something a bit different makes your business stand out. Here are some of the most memorable creative advertising promotions.

QR Codes

QR codes are a link between online and offline promotions. They allow a user to scan the code on their mobile device, bringing them to a website or virtual location. These barcodes are being widely adopted by marketers because they are a fun, different way to share information.

Earlier this summer, Women of the Storm gathered a community of supporters to sign petitions to restore the gulf. A big piece of this campaign was the QR code that directed users to a Be The One video. The petition currently has more than 126,000 signatures.



Creatively Branding Where Others Aren’t

Marketing is about creatively searching for new ways to capture audiences and drive a brand. Red Cross created an advertising campaign that was designed to raise awareness to “Give Blood.” The campaign was backboned by a unique shopping bag design that made it look like the bag holder was holding a bag of their blood. The campaign was striking and creative, but does it drive you to want to give blood?


B2B Marketing

Creative B2B marketing is possible! Makino Machine Tools, created a direct mail piece, that was sent to key prospects preparing for an upcoming tradeshow. The box contained a fake shirt pocket holding a Flip video camera. The box encouraged the users to create their own videos with the camera and upload them online. It may be expensive, but it was cost effective because of the PR and online user submitted videos Makino received.


For all you SEO gurus, these business cards are for you. Creative Suitcase, an innovative B2B marketing company was posed with the challenge of, “Creating unique business cards that illustrate how SEO marketer Adlucent provides search results for their customers.” The business cards feature a search bar with the title “Your Customers- Search.” The cards are a unique and different way to stand out to potential clients and customers.


This doesn’t mean that your merchant services business needs to create unique shopping bags, but this showcase helps right brain thinkers expand their perceptions of what is possible. B2B marketing doesn’t have to be boring, and sometimes, immeasurable marketing efforts can create profitable results.

4 thoughts on “Forget the Web, Think Memorable Offline Advertising

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