Four Online Marketing Trends that Will Rule 2014

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Marketing Plan Trends 2014The Internet has radically changed the way information is shared and has had a notable impact on the way businesses market. In just the past couple of years, we have seen a movement towards inbound tactics while outbound techniques have become nearly obsolete.  Businesses are finding success through the publication of original content instead of chocking advertisements full of external content.  The benefit of original content is that it affords business branding and promotes audience growth.  As we ponder these changes, let’s take a look at some of the predictions for marketing trends that will dominate 2014.

Social Media Marketing Will Demand More Diversity

It seems like businesses have no limit when it comes implementing their marketing campaigns and reaching their audiences through social media networks.  The surge in popularity of sites like Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn provide businesses with a plethora of options that encourage them to create content that is engaging and present it in a range of forms to build audiences across multiple channels. This diversification tends to prove fruitful for businesses as they are able to build brand equity and make consumers more easily recognize a specific brand due to its multiple arenas of visibility.

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Content Marketing Will be the Biggest it has Ever Been

One major way businesses establish clout and build trust with their customers is through sharing relevant and valuable content via a range of sources.  This means sharing information that is industry specific and provides insight to its readers.  As a result, your business will progressively build rapport with its demographic and build a loyal group of followers.

The top B2B content marketing strategies use social media, eNewsletters, videos, articles on a business website or another website, and case studies. Through the implementation of any of these channels, businesses can earn themselves a good reputation in their industries.  The trend suggests that marketing to the masses through television or radio ads are less effective.  Instead, concentrate on inbound marketing through the production of high quality and engaging content created specifically for your demographic.

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Less Will Become More

Another noteworthy trend is the shift in consumer preference regarding marketing messages.  Consumers now prefer simplistic messages rather those that are more thorough.  Take a moment to ponder some of the most well-known brands worldwide — think Apple and Google — and you’ll realize that they definitely value simplicity and they’re doing alright.

Consumers are simply burned out by the constant stream of advertisements that shriek, “Look at me.”  Today’s innovative marketers are now moving in the opposite direction.  They now make conscious efforts to dilute these flashy messages instead of flooding their customers with all the hype.   As a result, it looks like the marketing strategies that will garner the most success will be those straightforward in nature that also promote products and services that simplify customers’ lives and make their experience a smooth one.

Mobile-Friendly Content Will be Essential

As a direct result of the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, it’s crucial for companies to create content that’s easily accessible to mobile users.  Make sure to customize the shopping experience through mobile marketing.  You don’t want to lose customers to your competitors who adapted to the trend before you.  As users shift from PCs and laptops to mobile devices, businesses that aren’t aboard the mobile-content train may suffer.

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It’s no secret that more people than ever are moving away from desktops to connect to the Internet.  People read emails, share photographs, shop and much more from their smartphones.  As you develop your strategic marketing plan for 2014, don’t forget to keep these marketing trends in the front of your mind.  Develop relevant content that’s easily viewable and accessible via mobile devices.

What marketing trends do you believe we’ll see in 2014?

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