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office furnitureTalk in the office furniture world is all about the new Gen Y office. Budding startups like Google are giving their employees a very good reason to come in to work each and every day – an awesome space, great furniture and all the resources they could need to be comfortable.

For small businesses, at a time when benefits may not be easy to provide or salaries are scaled down, it’s important your employees have a reason to want to come into work every day. One way to do that is to provide them with a space they are comfortable in, but can still be productive and creative. So take a cue from some of the best.


Google may be the most popular work space referred to when discussing amazing startup offices – and for good reason. From fire poles to a cafeteria and hammocks, their offices are amazing worldwide. While you may not be able to invest in any of those items, you can install a space for employees to let off steam with coworkers.

  • Fun Space: Whether you provide gaming consoles, a pool table or foosball, a little goes a long way.
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Four Square

While you may not have “checked in” at the Four Square offices, their employees do it happily thanks to the unique style and sense of comfort the space offers. The wide open room provides plenty of space for collaboration and avoids the stuff feeling offices can have. But, how can you incorporate their office design?

  • Re-think space: Get rid of cubicles, or settle for the half walled syle. With collaboration only a desk away, your employees have free reign to be productive, creative and successful.
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Sound Cloud

The offices of Sound Cloud are as simple as the app itself. That naturally classy motif provides simplicity, lending itself to a productive workspace with little distractions. While I don’t have to tell you twice to skimp on the furniture and extravagant items, there is one aspect that everyone will benefit from.

  • Outside space: Sound Cloud has a rooftop deck where employees can work. Studies show that fresh air and natural light improve productivity making this a great addition to any office.
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This video giant is doing more than producing content for our viewing pleasure; their office, large yet somehow seemingly quaint, allows for workspace personalization, giving employees a sense of well-being. However, what stands out, is what they provide their employees – and how.

  • Creative kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in an office. It’s a room where co-workers converge, lunch is had, and coffee is brewed daily. Take some time to make it fun and inviting.
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If you could rate their office space, you would give it 5 stars. Modern colors and furniture create a warm feel, inviting employees in for 8 happy hours of work. Though you may not be able to overhaul your entire office, you can add a few pieces to improve it.

  • Fun collaborative spaces: Step away from the boring conference room with long tables and impersonal white walls. Utilize fun furniture to invite employees to work together outside of their desk.
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7 thoughts on “Get Office Furniture Like A Startup

  1. avatarOffice Furniture

    There is little doubt that the success of many start up companies is the result of the collective creativity of the employees. The open office design and modular office furniture these companies use improves employee collaboration and generates more creative solutions.

  2. avatarJessica Sanders Post author

    You are absolutely right! The new workspace style is all about open flow of communication and making it easier to work together in a productive environment. Thanks for checking out the post!

  3. avatarC Maine

    Going the extra mile to make a work environment friendly and stylish shows these companies care about their employee satisfaction.

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