Google’s Moves are Forward, Despite Facebook’s Stride

Posted by on March 29, 2010 in Internet Marketing, Marketing, Web 2.0, Web Design [ 0 Comments ]

With recent news that has taken over Google’s place as the most visited website in America, the social networking site’s web designers, as well as smaller search engine developers, may be cheering.

Now however, with the focus of the web shifting towards peer-to-peer communication and away from search engines, Google was apparently planning ahead when it shelled out nearly $750-million for AdMob in 2009. Back then, AdMob was merely a collection of web site designers with their focus on advertising to cell phones. Then Apple came calling, and Google pounced on the small San Mateo, California company.

Then, at this year’s Mobile World Congress meet, Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt stated that they were heading towards the direction of cellular technology. Schmidt stated that their “programmers are doing work on mobile first,” hinting that they were prepared for a change in the economic horizon.

Just a short while ago, Google’s hold on the search engine market was tight, with Yahoo, Bing, and AOL following from a distance. Google’s position as leader also gave them unprecedented leverage with advertisers, where yearly revenue brought in nearly $6-billion.

Now, with Facebook already an advertising mogul themselves, Google’s shift shows just how much the focus of technology has come since they first introduced their website back in 1995. Schmidt has said publicly that he believes that cell phones, and smartphones in particular, are set to outsell computers soon.

With the unveiling of the Nexus One, Google’s first handset (but not the first handset that uses Google’s Android platform) the search company has already began its campaign to stay relevant. Taking the loss to Facebook in stride, especially the gain by the social media site only represent one week on the charts, Google has already shown it is willing to slide down on its bread and butter to focus on moving ahead of the competition.

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