Google Docs Get an Upgrade

Posted by on April 15, 2010 in Business News, Business Technology [ 0 Comments ]

Google Docs are a great way for your office to share files without the need of a company server.  Good news for those of you who already use Google Docs, it just got an upgrade.  Now users will benefit from real time updates, less discrepancies from desktop documents and  new editing features.

One of the many complaints Google Doc users had was the lag time for user edits.  If one person changed information in the shared doc, it would not show up on all users’ computers right away.  Now Google Docs will be able to update all changes in real time, because of a new JavaScript layout.

When you upload any documents from your desktop to Google Docs, there is now a more comparable version of the two.  Google reports in their blog, “imported documents retain their original structure more accurately, so you can hit the ground running editing in the browser without having to fix formatting like bullets and text alignment.”

There are numerous new features as well—one feature has the, “ability to drag-and-drop floating images through a document while the text rewraps itself around the image on the fly,” according to TechCrunch.  Other new features Google Docs boast are:

  • Margin ruler
  • Better numbering/bullet options
  • Formula editing bar for spreadsheets
  • Cell auto-complete
  • Drag and drop columns

The new upgrades and features started April 13, and only time will tell how the new improvements will pan out.  What improvements have you found most beneficial?

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